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Automation is nothing new, not even in the manufacturing industry. We have been building low-threshold and user-friendly solutions with RoboJob for over 15 years that can significantly increase the yield, flexibility and efficiency of your machine park. More than 1.500 of our robots have already been installed at home and abroad. Nobody else can compare to this.

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RoboJob shows innovation and lets customers do the talking at Automation Team Day Benelux

May 23, 2023

Next week, on Thursday 1 June 2023, the second edition of the Automation Team Day will take place. The...

Coby CNC

Coby travels to EMO Hanover with RoboJob

May 15, 2023

While most of us are looking forward to sunnier weather and a summer holiday, RoboJob is already eagerly awaiting September....


RoboJob organises the second edition of the Automation Team Day Benelux

May 2, 2023

RoboJob remains committed to a good working concept: after organising an Automation Team Day in Benelux for the first time...


What does automation mean for you?

React to fluctuating demand

CNC automation allows your robot to complete these urgent tasks. Your robot can work through the night, getting your order ready by morning.

Smaller stock

CNC automation provides you with an efficient buffer for sudden orders without having to stock for it.

More spindle hours

Run your CNC machines without an operator. During the day, at night or during the weekend. Even on holidays.

Higher gross margins

CNC automation produces more components, so you can also invoice more, with less cost. That way, you not only take advantage of the capacity of your machine park, but also increase your profit margins.

Relieve your operators

The robot takes over physical and tedious work. Your people can focus on the aspects where they really add value to your business: programming and preparing the machine.

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