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Nossin Fijnmechanische Industrie

Subcontracting of mechanical components

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Aug 17, 2022


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Nossin Fijnmechanische Industry (Nossin FMI) from Beek and Donk in the Netherlands produces complex high precision components with a guaranteed high accuracy, in all types of steel and non-ferrous metals, specializing in the machining of aluminium products.

The company focuses with ‘repeat’ character on the right price/quality ratios, with a guaranteed accuracy. In addition Nossin FMI has extensive experience in the assembly of components, whereby apart from the production of components, the assembly of modules can also be accommodated. Nossin FMI works for clients in various industrial sectors such as machine construction and engineering, the semiconductor, medical and laboratory technology industry, the electrotechnical and high-voltage industry. Nossin FMI also produces components for measurement and control equipment. Owing to the short lines of communication between professionals within Nossin FMI, effective and efficient work is done every day, six days, 24 hours a day, allowing the company to offer an optimal price/quality ratio to the customer. The company also owes this to its choice for RoboJob, whereby it is able to automate recurring orders.

Hans Nossin, Business Manager: "Since the installation of the RoboJob Turn-Assist I am able to continue with production while my people are at lunch or at home. I am no longer 100% dependent on the availability of my labour force. Moreover, I am able to achieve shorter lead times."

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