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Subcontracting of mechanical components

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Aug 17, 2022


Turn-Assist Series

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The software is not only extremely user-friendly. It also meets many of our specific requirements with its standard features, which was not the case with other suppliers.

KMWE is a reputable company, which is known far beyond the Dutch borders as a provider of high-quality, complex parts that are produced automatically for the most part. Assembly, development and engineering of functionally tested mechatronic modules are also among the core activities of the Dutch service provider. KMWE originated in the Brainport region of Eindhoven, which is characterized by its high-quality supply chain for high mix, low volume, high complexity industry. The company has over 60 years’ experience, employs over 550 motivated and trained employees and has an international supply network as well as various locations in the Netherlands, Malaysia and India. It relentlessly pursues excellence to meet the high demands of its customers and their markets.

Twan Verspaandonk, Production Support Manager and Harm Huybrechts, CAM Engineer: "Both of us have both been at KMWE for 25 and 15 years respectively, so the company's philosophy is in our blood. Among other things, that philosophy means that we constantly try to improve our processes so we can provide our customers with an even better service. That's one of the reasons why we started with automation. We focus primarily on high mix, low volume high complexity work for the industry. Since we, in other words, produce a very wide variety of complex parts in small quantities, it goes without saying that an automation solution needs to meet very high requirements.

After an extensive study of the market offer, we finally decided to work with RoboJob, for three reasons: the smart table can be configured for very diverse types of work pieces and is perfect for our smaller quantities. Moreover, the software is not only extremely user-friendly. It also meets many of our specific requirements with its standard features, which was not the case with other suppliers. For example, the settings for the loading and unloading of the spindle can be entered quite easily, which means that the machine can be started quickly. Finally, the whole set-up is so compact that the operator can still have easy access to machine to set up new programs or to produce individual pieces.

After a visit to RoboJob, we were completely convinced. We have seen the various automation products in practice, and the RoboJob team was also very transparent about what was possible, but also about what was not possible. This immediately created clarity and we as well as our operators knew exactly what we could expect.

The Turn-Assist 250 has since been installed on an Okuma Multus. The installation went very smoothly: the arrangements were well-respected and the training went well. Initially, our operators were somewhat skeptical, but the bond between man and machine has now evolved in such a way that the confidence is there and they can work together perfectly."

KMWE Always on the Cutting Edge of Excellence

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