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Aug 17, 2022


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HP Valves is without doubt one of the oldest companies that RoboJob can count among its clients. Ever since the start of the then Dikkers Hengelo in 1879, this Dutch company has focused on producing valves.

During the first 100 years, the company had a very strong reputation, which was characterized by quality and technical knowledge.

HP Valves was founded in 1981 as an innovative spin-off of Dikkers Hengelo, where quality and knowledge were linked to modern, flexible production. In 2005, the company became part of Indutrade AB, a European group of companies. The strong growth led to the move to new surroundings in 2006, wherein considerable effort has been put into the machine park and associated infrastructure. Since then, production has been running 24/7 in order to continue meeting increasing demand.

In 2012, HP Valves automated an Okuma Multus B-300 with a RoboJob Turn-Assist 250.

Peter Weenders, Responsible for Production: “Some years back we already began to think about automation within our production department. The cost of personnel is so high in the Netherlands that in order to remain competitive we have to work very efficiently. Obviously our machines also cost a lot of money, and therefore we want to get the most out of those machines. Thus we got to know RoboJob: we saw them for the first time at the Techni-Show in 2012, and were immediately impressed with their solutions. It is a very compact unit and moreover, easy to program. Our operators were quickly on their way and also like to work with it."

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