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Aug 17, 2022


Mill-Assist Series

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EFM is a young and dynamic supplier in the metalworking industry. The company was founded in 2005 and has always focused on precision and high quality. Today, the company employs 50 motivated employees who use the latest production technology to manufacture quality products from all industrial sectors.
Automation is an essential component of EFM’s strategy to deliver high quality, meet short deadlines and leverage excellent flexibility.

Christian Pauli, business manager: "A few years ago we had already taken the step towards CNC automation. This was necessary to expand our capacity: after all, we regularly have to produce larger batches and this isn’t efficient without automation. Then you have to divide a series over several shifts and even several machines, especially when you’re having to work against a short deadline. When such a large batch has to be finished urgently, we want to be able to do it quickly and efficiently.

We had heard about RoboJob a few times before and visited the RoboJob stand at EMO 2017. We came to know the different RoboJob products and were particularly impressed by the simple programming. In May 2018, our first Mill-Assist Essential i was installed on a Haas VF2 milling machine.

We’d had some milling machines automated by other suppliers previously, but we were really surprised by RoboJob's approach. You can tell that these guys know what they’re doing! It looks like a well-oiled machine. When I compare with other suppliers, it went much faster with RoboJob. These people also have more knowledge of their products, our machine, the interface and so on. These aspects create trust. It ensured that everything was ready quickly and we could get started right away!

To date it’s clear how easy it is to operate the RoboJob systems: even when a colleague with no experience or training has to take over the robot, he manages to programme it flawlessly. Two more RoboJob systems have now been added, one to a Haas VF2 and one to a Haas VF4. These installations went smoothly too!

We are of course highly satisfied, otherwise we wouldn’t have bought two new robots. This solution is simply brilliant! Everything can be programmed very quickly and switching from one product to another is also very fast.

Thanks to RoboJob's solutions, we achieve 50% more spindle hours on the machines with automation as opposed to the machines without automation. That’s something to be really proud of!"

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