Automatically load from a pallet


Do you regularly produce large batches? And do you want your RoboJob automation to load both your stacked and loose unfinished parts directly from a pallet into your CNC-milling machine? Then expand your robot with the Pallet-Load function.

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Innovative solutions

More efficiency with the Pallet-Load extension

By stacking your unfinished parts on one or more pallets beforehand, you limit the unused time between two stacks to a minimum. This is because you only need to replace the pallet of finished products with a new pallet of unfinished parts. As a result, your CNC-machine will work for hours without operator intervention.

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Even more possibilities. Now also to load from a pallet.

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Machine shop at maximum capacity

An easily configurable, versatile, and reliable robotic system? That's a RoboJob automation, ideal for small and medium batches. Equipped with Pallet-Load, it will have your CNC-machine perform at its maximum. You want your machine to produce large batches at night and in the weekends? With PALLET-LOAD, your machine will operate without operator intervention.

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Simplicity all over

You have total freedom to determine where to place your pallet with parts within the reach of your robot. We will set that position during installation. We have already configured the software with the dimensions of the most common pallets. If desired, we will customise the program to the dimensions of your pallets during installation.

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Take control of how to order your finished parts on the pallet. You can simply define the centre of each part's location in an x-y table. These pre-defined positions are saved in a database. These are then easily linked to one or more parts. Pallet-Load will also load overlapping parts into your cnc machine without any difficulty. Once finished, the robot will stack them neatly.

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