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Emco chooses for RoboJob


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Apr 20, 2020

At RoboJob people are playing their part during these very strange times. The international market leader in CNC Automation is, among other things, using this period to strengthen ties with its partners. It also turns out that EMCO has chosen for RoboJob.

These are very strange times for the manufacturing industry, including at RoboJob. However, the company from Heist-op-den-Berg is not resigning itself to the situation. It assists its customers where possible and partners too are not left to fend for themselves. This is evident from a new cooperation with EMCO.

“We’re now going a step further,” says Business Development Manager Jelle De Roovere. “Specifically, EMCO will put together a number of packages in which the CNC machines from EMCO are offered with the most suitable automation units from RoboJob. EMCO customers can then purchase that package from just one source, EMCO, and of course at a very attractive price. We will also provide EMCO installation engineers with in-depth training so that they can also install and maintain our robots. In addition, RoboJob and EMCO have invested a lot of time in fine-tuning and streamlining the interface between the CNC machine and the RoboJob. The story has been fully standardized, leading to installation times of just 2 to 3 days.”

The intention is to organize various events in the coming months, during which the packages will also be physically demonstrated. EMCO will be inviting its customers to various Demo days.

EMCO is an Austrian manufacturer of CNC-controlled turning and milling machines. The company has been active since 1947 and has production facilities in Austria, Germany and Italy. At the EMO trade show in September 2019, EMCO already exhibited a Turn-Assist 200i from RoboJob on an EMCO HP45.

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