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Smelt Drunen BV

Subcontracting of mechanical components

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Aug 17, 2022


Turn-Assist Series

Machine brand


Smelt Drunen BV has been a reliable supplier and partner in the field of metalworking for more than 25 years. Spread over two locations, 80 employees ensure the production of high quality components through to complete assemblies with the help of advanced machinery and a lot of specific know how.

Quality and delivery reliability are of paramount importance, which greatly benefits the excellent reputation of Smelt Drunen BV. And it’s exactly because of this that Smelt Drunen BV can count several leading national and international companies among its clients.

In 2014 Smelt Drunen BV bought the most compact automation in the market: the Turn-Assist 180, with which an Okuma LU-15 will henceforth be automatically loaded and unloaded.

Geertje Koekkoek, Quality & Purchasing: "In order to be able to continue to be competitive and to be up there with the most modern techniques in our field, we started our quest for automation in 2014. And thus we got to know RoboJob at the Techni-Show. We were immediately impressed with their solutions, but obviously made comparisons with other providers. Finally we selected RoboJob because they were the one that most appealed to us as a company. Also because they themselves come from the manufacturing industry and thus they know only too well what's important in our environment. The installation went very smoothly and our operators are very positive about this new evolution within Smelt Drunen BV. Naturally they are having to go through a learning process and thus we are discovering now possibilities every week. And if ever there’s a question or a problem, RoboJob is always there to help us in word and deed."

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