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SAS F2B Usinage

Subcontracting of mechanical components

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Aug 17, 2022


Mill-Assist Series

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SAS F2B Usinage is one of the youngest companies in the RoboJob portfolio. The company was only founded a few years ago, and has 5 employees. As a supplier, F2B Usinage specializes in piece work, but small and medium-sized series are also regularly taken into production. Since February 2017, this has been done with the aid of a Mill-Assist Essential.

François Blondel, General Manager of SAS F2B Usinage: “We have a very simple reason to automate: we wanted to get more spindle hours from our 5-axis machines. After all, more spindle hours also mean a higher return, which is always welcome in a competitive, international market. In our search for automation, we came into contact with RoboJob via Degomme Boccard. We bought our new Mazak VARIAXIS J 600 5X from them, together with a Mill-Assist Essential M20. This combination was installed by RoboJob in February 2017.

The target was immediately set high: we wanted our new Variaxis to run every night and every weekend. And I now can state that we also succeeded in that. Of course the output of this machine is considerably higher when I compare it to our other machines. Thus - Mission Accomplished!

It must be said that this was and is made possible in part by the intuitive interface of the Mill-Assist. This is so easy to operate, and the Revolving Unit also comes in handy on this five-axis machine. Thanks to this robot we’re able to relieve our operators of their physical tasks, and they actually get an "assistant” thrown in! They are therefore delighted that they’re able to set to work using this new technology!”

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