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Puget Production Mécanique

Subcontracting of mechanical components

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Aug 17, 2022


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Since 1974, Puget Production Mécanique has been using its experience to cater for the high demands of the market in the production of high quality components. It does this for the production of both prototypes and serial work. Finished parts can be further processed and have to pass through a strict quality control before delivery to the customer. Assembly of components is also part of the options.

To accomplish that, Puget has a team of 26 people, who manage 8 machining centres, 8 lathes and 4 turning/milling combinations. The company became acquainted with RoboJob in 2016, during the Salon de l'Industrie in Paris.

Jérôme Puget, President: "When we visited Mazak at the Salon de l'Industrie in Paris, we also got to see a RoboJob system. Since we’d been thinking about automation for a long time, this immediately caught our attention. The RoboJob representative gave us a demonstration and we were amazed at the user-friendliness of this system. The only parameters we need to specify when setting up a new component are the dimensions of the rough and finished parts, the positioning and then you’re ready .

This system, which allows you to adjust and change over so quickly, is really ideal for small series. Not surprisingly we immediately placed our order. A few months later, our Turn-Assist 250 with a 35kg robot was installed on a new Mazak Integrex i-200s. The installation was completed in less than a week and after a short training, our operators were able to get started.

We’ve been using the Turn-Assist now for some ten months, especially at night and during weekends. Our main objective of this investment was to increase production capacity. When we analyse this now - 10 months after installation - the results are impressive. We get twice as much output on this machine with automation, as on a machine with an operator!

That has now led us to buy a second system. That will be a Mill-Assist Essential, which will be installed on a Mazak Variaxis in a matter of months."

Today, already 4 RoboJob systems have been installated at Puget Production Mécanique.

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