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Metaalconstructie Vanderscheuren

Subcontracting of mechanical components

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Aug 17, 2022


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Metaalconstructie Vanderscheuren is a flexible metal processing company, which, through its expertise and experience, can produce the perfect product as per the customer's specifications. The highly diversified machinery enables a wide range of work in the metalworking industry.

Metaalconstructie Vanderscheuren is a typical supplier, which besides turning and milling work, also offers welding, laser work, pyrography, cutting and assembly.

Johan Gryson, responsible for the technical service within Vanderscheuren: “Of course it’s no coincidence that we have chosen for RoboJob. This decision was however, reinforced by the increasing competition from outside. In order to be competitive in the labour market, in 2012 following a detailed market study, we chose to install two RoboJob Turn-Assists on two Gildemeister lathes. Since then we have been able to experience how easy it is for each operator to work with the RoboJob system. Our customers are also noticing this due to our tight delivery times and the quality of our products. In addition, the Turn-Assist is so compact that we meet with absolutely no hindrance. The open configuration of RoboJob allows us to maintain a good overview of our workshop at any time.

It therefore goes without saying that we have again chosen RoboJob this year. The relationship is very good, and after our first two years’ experience with the system we have been able notice that it’s a very sound solution: the five-Turn-Assists that we currently have, will still be able to work in the business for years because they are so robust and qualitatively built. And it is so accurate that we have decided to further automate 3 other machines. The fact is the Turn-Assist reduces the number of errors as well as reducing our operating time. Flexibility has been given a huge boost in our company, and because every operator likes to work with it, the atmosphere here is optimal."

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