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Subcontracting of mechanical components

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Aug 17, 2022


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The M-Plus Group specializes in complex components and subsystems in superalloys, hard metals and stainless steel. The M-Plus Group is particularly active in the Energy and Aviation sectors.

Mecaplus is a French company specializing in precision machining of superalloys and hard metals such as Inconels, Hastelloys, Stellites, Nimonics, Titanium and also stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium, copper and bronze.

Having a CNC machine park (CNC-lathes with 3, 4 and 5 axes, processing centre with 3, 5 and 6 axes, wire erosion, grinding machines, etc.) and more than 50 qualified operators, the company is able to manufacture complex components in small and medium sized batches for the industry.

In order to meet the strictest quality requirements, Mecaplus is ISO 9001 and AS/EN 9100 certified.

Located in the heart of the Energy Valley, Mecaplus offers its expertise, reactivity and flexibility to guide its customers in their development.

Mr David Wojciechowski, General Manager: "Automation is nothing new for Mecaplus. We’ve been investing in the automation of our machine park for over 10 years, with bar feeders, pallet solutions and larger cells. However, for the really accurate work we were unable to find a suitable solution to meet our needs until recently. And certainly not for the smaller quantities. But with the advent of RoboJob, there’s been a change. Our Mazak seller also managed to introduce RoboJob to us and we became convinced of their solutions in no time at all.

Our first Turn-Assist 250 was installed on a Mazak Integrex i 100s in August 2016. The installation was completed in just a few days, and the operator working on this machine was also made responsible for this project. He was involved in the purchase, so also stood behind this decision. For example, he internally informed and trained his colleagues, and he took the lead.

We had drawn up a business plan beforehand, estimating the return on our Turn-Assist investment. This has quickly turned out to be far too pessimistic because the Turn-Assist was even more user-friendly and faster than we could have imagined. If you can work with a Mazatrol control, RoboJob automation is child’s play.

And so we’re not only using our Turn-Assist at night as we had originally thought to do, but more and more during the day. As we know, that frees up time for the operator, who can then use his time much more efficiently.

Owing to the success story of our Turn-Assist, we’re going to consider the following steps. We have again conducted a study and are going to look at what the market could offer us. This time too, we soon realized that nobody is able to match RoboJob's standard automation products. That’s why we’ve already placed an order for 2 new Mazak machines, each of which will be installed with a Mill-Assist Essential. This brings us to a total of 3 RoboJob automations at Mecaplus.

By working further on automation, we are continuing to differentiate ourselves in the pioneering role that Mecaplus has taken for years. Using our quality machine park, we are continuing to produce high-quality components and also continuing to arm ourselves in a competitive market."

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