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Meca Technic Hardy

Subcontracting of mechanical components

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Aug 17, 2022


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Located in a picturesque Norman town just 30 minutes from the famous Mont Saint Michel, is the company Meca Technic Hardy. The name refers to the previous owner, who started the business in 1999. Twenty years later, in 2019, the current owner Florent Aubé took over the subcontracting company for turning and milling.

Mr Florent Aubé, Director and owner: “Our project with RoboJob was our very first experience with a robot. By investing in automation, it was my goal that our operators would experience more job satisfaction: not only from an ergonomic point of view, but also to give them more variety in the work they do. Not many people enjoy producing series on the machine, and by letting a robot do this repetitive work, we hoped to save more time for other tasks. With this free time, our operators can now work on another machine, but also work on other creative tasks (eg: methods, studies).

Obviously, automation also has a positive impact on spindle hours. A robot generates more machine capacity because it can work at night or on weekends. This has a positive impact on production costs.

When I first started thinking about CNC automation, I started doing my research online. This is how I found RoboJob. I selected 3 different suppliers and RoboJob turned out to be the best partner for us. From everything they do, you can tell that the origin of RoboJob lies in the machining industry. RoboJob robots have been specially designed for turning and milling work, and that is very important to us.

RoboJob also allowed us to visit a reference customer. I visited one of the RoboJob customers in France, together with the operator who would be responsible for piloting the future robot at our company. There we could see how this other company uses the robot on a 5 axis machine. We have seen for ourselves that a robot is not complicated. The software facilitates the programming of the robot. On this visit we were convinced that RoboJob was the right choice for us.

The machine we wanted to automate was a Quaser MV184. Our Quaser is already 5 years old and was not prepared for automation. It did not have a robot interface or an automatic door. We were reassured by the fact that RoboJob took full responsibility for the entire project, including the preparation of the machine. All the preparations went smoothly and in a professional manner: communication was good, deadlines were met and the project was completed as promised.

When I think back to the whole process, I must say that I am very happy that I chose RoboJob. The Mill-Assist Essential that we now use on our Quaser MV184 is a mature, quality product that is very easy to use. And RoboJob is a professional partner, who supported us throughout the process. Also after the installation we kept in touch. Whenever we have a problem or question, the Service team is here to support us. They are always quick and ready to help us. Even though we've only been using our Mill-Assist for a few months now, we can already say with confidence that we are happy with our choice for RoboJob.

Business is a bit slow now because of Covid, but this gives us time to get to know the robot from start to finish. That way, we can prepare for when business picks up. We are ready for the future! ”

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