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Aug 17, 2022



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Sometimes figures say a lot more than words. This is also the case for our customer KNF GmbH from Germany. The following figures show a remarkable result, which is exactly why we were allowed to share these figures with you.

Johannes Gensitz, Head of Material Management: "Since 2019, our robot has been working almost continuously in production. Our goal for 2019 was to work 120 hours per month with the robot. As the graph shows, last year we were able to produce almost 150 hours per month with our robot. We were very happy with the work and the result of our RoboJob Tower.

Due to the very good first year, we were able to raise our target for the RoboJob Tower for 2020 to 240 hours per month. This represents an increase of 100%.

We also set ourselves the following goal: thanks to our flexible employees, we were able to produce more than 250 hours per month in the first 4 months of 2020 with the RoboJob Tower. Based on this data, we could achieve a robot running time of 3,000 hours this year!

I don't need to tell you how happy we are with these numbers and with the RoboJob Tower! This ultimately shows that our RoboJob Tower is a very powerful tool to increase the efficiency of our machine. Our RoboJob Tower and our colleagues are doing a fantastic job! Thank you very much, RoboJob!"

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