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Aug 17, 2022


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Exactly 75 years ago the IBAK company was founded in Kiel. In 1945 Helmut Hunger laid the foundation for a globally active company by registering his business under the name "Ingenieurbüro Atlas Kiel". IBAK products have always been closely associated with water: IBAK's know-how ranges from searchlights for ships and underwater TV cameras to high-tech systems for the inspection and repair of water pipes.

Carsten Büll, production manager / production engineering and scheduling: “Automation has been extremely important to IBAK for many years. Our company has been working with automation since 2007 and we do this very consciously. In this global economy, it is more important than ever to be able to produce both efficiently and flexibly. It’s the only way to keep costs under control and to produce profitably.

We came to know RoboJob five years ago at our machine supplier Mager & Wedemeyer Werkzeugmaschinen. It was in one of their newsletters that I read about a workshop on CNC automation. I attended the workshop in Bremen, where I got to know RoboJob's solutions for both turning and milling machines.

At the time, I was particularly impressed by the ease of use and flexibility of the RoboJob systems. In that, at IBAK we produce highly different types of workpieces and each time in very small batches. RoboJob's systems are so flexible that you’re able to automate very different types of workpieces using the same automation. In June 2016 our first RoboJob system was installed: a Turn-Assist 250 on a DMG CTX BETA 800 TC. Since then, three more systems have been installed: our Hermle C22 and C42 were automated with a RoboJob Racks and a DMG CTX BETA 1250 TC was equipped with a Turn-Assist 270 s.

All 4 of these installations went really smoothly: the preparations, the installations themselves, the training afterwards: there’s nothing to criticise. We’re more than satisfied with our choice of RoboJob!”

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