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Aug 17, 2022


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A real success story, that's what you can call the history of HAINBUCH GMBH. Just like Apple, the company was founded in a garage, and from there it grew into a pioneer and trendsetter in workpiece clamping solutions. More than 40 years ago, the company's second invention sparked a revolution: the quick-change clamping system SPANNTOP was born. The competition has copied this invention innumerable times in recent years. HAINBUCH has developed into a world player, with 4 branches in Germany and 12 subsidiaries in 11 countries. In Germany alone, the company employs 550 people. Automation has been an integral part of the company for many years and since September 2019 Robojob has also been a partner of the renowned company.

Ali Karim, Team leader Automation: “We have several automation solutions in our portfolio, such as the automatic chuck and workpiece stop exchange, to allow customers to set up and customize. We don’t only offer solutions in this area, but also automate processes in our own production in order to streamline processes. RoboJob pleasantly surprised us with their solution.

RoboJob has an excellent reputation in Germany. We do not just hear that from customers, we also had the opportunity to be convinced ourselves through various customer projects. RoboJob shows itself time and again as a professional solution-oriented partner. The company was born out of machining and you can easily tell that. Some automation vendors only offer robots, but at RoboJob they gain additional knowledge and benefit from their experience and advice. This experience is part of the software and mechanics of the products they offer.

We recently worked with RoboJob for their participation in the EMO trade fair in Hannover: there we made sure that the robot on the Tower not only loaded and unloaded work pieces, but also replaces our clamping heads. In this way, RoboJob is becoming a partner of HAINBUCH, and we hope to be able to often work together in the future. That’s why we started to think about how we could use a RoboJob system in our own production.

We have compared RoboJob's Turn-Assist with other providers. In that aspect it’s helpful that I was a robotics researcher for years myself and know only too well what is involved in programming robots. This is a very complex matter in which many errors can occur and, moreover, programming is also difficult to learn. We now avoid all that thanks to Robojob’s software: nothing needs to be taught, and I am also sure that our operators want to and can work with this robot. It is so easy to use that after only one hour, they’re already up and using it.

And so we decided to purchase a new DMG CTX 1250 TC beta and to automate it with a Turn-Assist 270 i with a 35 kg robot. We could also opt for automation from the machine supplier, but nevertheless chose RoboJob. An important reason for this is that with the Turn-Assist you immediately have all the means to get started: not only the user-friendly software, but also the intelligent table that you can configure for a very wide range of workpieces. This means you don’t have to make grid plates, teach or position everything hyper-accurately. The Turn-Assist is easy to use and reliable.

We appointed a project leader for the installation of the Turn-Assist on our DMG turning machine. This lady was responsible for the entire project, and she told me that this was really a fantastic project for her: not only was the collaboration very pleasant and professional, but also the installation itself went smoothly: the robot was delivered on a Monday, and two days later everything was ready.

Since everything has been running for a few months, it is still a bit early to talk about real results. We are still in the testing phase, but we want to use our robot as often as possible. During the day we will produce unique pieces and in the evening and on weekends we will produce with the robot without operator intervention.

Maybe we will work together in a few more projects. Collaboration in research and development is also possible.

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