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Aug 17, 2022


Mill-Assist Series

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Friedrich Daniels has been an established name in the orthopaedic community for more than 70 years. The company produces instruments that have become indispensable in a rapidly evolving market. It is precisely this rapid evolution that also means that as a supplier, Friedrich Daniels must constantly invent new and innovative production methods in the manufacture of surgical instruments. To this end, it’s able to rely on the experience, knowledge, vision and production possibilities that were built up over 70 years. The production of prototypes and adapted instruments are therefore the core activities of Friedrich Daniels, even in extremely small series or individual pieces.

Armin Daniels, Managing Director: “As a supplier in our industry, there’s constant pressure on us to continuously improve the way we work. That’s why we regularly invest in new machines and technologies, and automation is an absolute must with this. Furthermore, we’re noticing that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find operators. The use of automation can ease the work of our people, and free up time for the preparation of other machines or for process improvement. We’re also noticing now that there’s less stress on the work floor, because one machine at any rate is automatically kept working.

We got to know RoboJob through our machine supplier, Hurco. Of course we also looked at other providers, but none of them managed to convince us with the software. Operating the robot is so easy and simple and I’ve not seen that with any other provider.

In the summer of 2019, our Hurco VMX30i was automated with a Mill-Assist Essential i. This machine wasn’t new, so we also had to automate the door and equip the machine with a robot interface. Despite some problems with the machine supplier, RoboJob has managed to solve it all. The door was automated, and the robot was interfaced to the machine. Since then, everything’s been going to plan!”

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