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AMT Metaaltechniek

Subcontracting of mechanical components

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Aug 17, 2022


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AMT Metaaltechniek, based in Etten-Leur, Netherlands, is a modern production company that processes all types of materials into high-end products. AMT does this both for mass production and piecework. Part of the umbrella AMT Group, like its sister company, AMT Metaaltechniek focuses on quality.

Both in terms of the end product, as well as the people and machines that provide the end product. In its quest for automation, AMT ended up at RoboJob. Together, an innovative solution was developed, wherein the RoboJob Turn-Assist ensures the automatic loading of a Mazak Integrex i-400 Multitasking machine. This particular automation is not a standard product from RoboJob. Together with AMT a solution was worked out in relation to AMTs requirements, wherein the workpieces are loaded and unloaded from and to stackable racks.

Mr Paul Weytens, Director and Owner of AMT Metaaltechniek: “Like most suppliers in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, in recent years we were also faced with increasing competition from low-wage countries such as Turkey or Eastern Europe. Consequently we had to look for a way to reduce our cost price. Thus we got to know RoboJob at a trade fair, and we then started an extensive comparison between RoboJob and several of its competitors. When doing this it was noticeable that the RoboJob set-up is a lot more flexible than those of the other providers in the market. At RoboJob they think with the customer: when doing this, the challenge is looked at from the point of view of our own issues and thus not from the proprietary existing product. This immediately appealed to us.

Finally we chose for the flexibility of RoboJob and together we have developed a new concept that answers our needs perfectly. Installation and training were already finished in a few days and our operators also find that setting up the Turn-Assist runs very smoothly and quickly. Their job has become more fun because now they’re done with repetitive work and they can focus on other creative tasks. Also the support from RoboJob is excellent: they are always accessible and always have an answer ready in order to quickly resolve a question or problem.”

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