Automate your CNC lathe

Turn-Assist Essential Mini

Your smallest standard automation for lathes

  • Small runs

  • Robot payload: 12kg

  • Integrated

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Ready for cnc automation?

This smallest standard automation is specifically developed for the loading and unloading of small batches and small workpieces. The compact, fixed table can be configured quickly for various workpiece dimensions thanks to the patented positioning principle. You can also use gridplates, for example with workpieces in special shapes.

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Turn-Assist Essential Mini

Accessible and easy to use

As a result of our user-friendly interface you can automate your small runs in just a few minutes: the intuitive, graphic software guides you step by step when setting up your assignment.

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Revolving unit
Shaft Extension


12 kg

Yes, but not in combination with Pallet-Unload

Yes, but not in combination with Pallet-Load

Automation may be complex, but it doesn't have to be.

Available in a single model


  • 01

    3 coloured signal tower

  • 02

    Integrated safety wall

  • 03

    Configurable feed and removal

  • 04

    Built-in robot controller

  • 05

    Fixed chassis & anchoring points

  • 06

    Fanuc Robot with 12 kg payload

  • 07

    Clamping force control for grippers

  • 08

    Control panel

  • 09

    Laser scanner


Turn-Assist Essential Mini


This Turn-Assist Essential Mini is only offered as an 'integrated' model, where the entire automation is built on a single chassis. This makes this model quick to install and also easy to move. A FANUC robot with 12kg gross payload handles the loading of your lathe.

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