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Significant interest for RoboJob automation in Germany



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Jun 13, 2018

Last week the German Mazak distributor Mager & Wedemeyer Werkzeugmaschinen organized a workshop on CNC automation. More than 40 participants found their way to Bremen, where RoboJob could not be missed on the agenda. That the workshop is a great success every time, is evident from the more than 40 orders that Mager & Wedemeyer has been able to book in the past 4 years.

Mager & Wedemeyer has been the distributor of Mazak CNC machines in Northern Germany for more than 40 years. Four years ago, the company also added RoboJob's automation products to its portfolio. The machine distributor from Bremen is fully committed to CNC automation, and chose RoboJob as its partner.

Right from the start of the cooperation with the Belgian market leader in CNC automation, the North German machine distributor has been annually organizing one to two workshops for its customers. In doing so, they are not only focusing on the changes in the market of machine constructors and suppliers, but also organizing practical demonstrations of RoboJob products. For this edition too, Mager & Wedemeyer welcomed more than 40 interested people.

The fact that the North German machine builders and suppliers are highly enthusiastic about RoboJob's automation solutions, is evident from the more than 40 orders that Mager & Wedemeyer has been able to book over the past 4 years. Moreover, no fewer than 6 orders were registered in the past month. This just confirms the strong growth that RoboJob is enjoying in Germany.

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