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RoboJob walks away with the VOKA Award



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Jun 18, 2018

RoboJob may call itself the proud winner of the “Prijs Ondernemen 2018” (Running a Business Award). Together with the Smet Group from Dessel, RoboJob was declared the winner by the VOKA Chamber of Commerce Mechelen-Kempen last Friday.

It was a very proud Helmut De Roovere who was called up to the podium on Friday to receive the prize. Not surprisingly the prize is a great recognition for the direction that the Belgian market leader in CNC automation has taken in recent years. Looking back, De Roovere comments “It was a little more than 10 years ago that I started RoboJob in an old office at my parents’ home together with Luc De Ceuster.” "We were lucky that we managed to surround ourselves with various other talents. In the meantime we’ve grown to a team of 40 employees, and this award is therefore a superb recognition for the hard work that this fantastic team has delivered.

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In recent years, RoboJob has experienced considerable growth in various areas. The product portfolio was expanded and new products were launched. The company also managed to sell significantly more of its automation solutions both at home and abroad, and also doubled its number of employees in two years. Even today, the company continues to look for technical talent, and there are several vacancies currently open.

VOKA annually puts 'Top entrepreneurship’ in the limelight with the ‘Prijs Ondernemen’ or ‘Running a Business Award’, and honours companies that excel in it. According to the jury report, “Robojob has a resolute vision on the importance of automation and has been pioneering in this niche for eleven years”.

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