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RoboJob takes the next step in the digital era

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Steven Craenen

Published on

Apr 16, 2015

From 6 to 8 May, Indumation in Kortrijk is next in line, and once again RoboJob promises to unveil some surprising innovations. With one of those innovations, RoboJob takes the next step in the digital era: the Benelux market leader will be presenting its new Messenger Service.

The automatic loading and unloading of CNC machines seems to be a given nowadays. In recent years, machining companies have become aware that they need to take action to compete with low-wage countries. And automation can help to achieve that. RoboJob co-founder and -CEO, Luc De Ceuster, is aware of this market trend. "We're actually seeing the same movement as we did some 30 years ago, when we switched from conventional machines to CNC machines," says De Ceuster. "Those who were not on board, have had to make an extra effort to catch up again. We see the same trend today, with on the one hand those companies that have quickly understood that they need to automate to stay competitive. And on the other hand, there are companies that adopt a more cautious approach, but now we see that they are also taking the first steps towards automation."

"So today, it’s important to make it clear to all those companies where the various solutions in the market distinguish themselves from each other. In the end, it’s up to the customer to choose the solution that best meets his needs. At RoboJob, we do the utmost to ensure that all customer requirements are identified, and we address those that will bring the greatest benefit to the customer. Software plays a huge role in that exercise. It allows us to significantly increase the customer’s profitability, the ease of use and efficiency."

RoboJob already unveiled five innovations at MTMS, and software was also a crucial element in those new features. "Indeed," De Ceuster acknowledges. "Of course we will always have to provide the necessary hardware, for example, to be able to turn around a piece for machining on all sides of that work piece, or to allow post-processes. But without software, there’s really not much you can do with that hardware. At RoboJob, we have a dedicated team of young engineers who develop and optimize all software on a daily basis, and those young men obviously know the digital world of today better than anyone. They have now shaken the latest development out of their sleeves: a Messenger Service which we use to keep the customer informed of the activities of his RoboJob-automation.”

In practice, the Messenger Service of the Turn-Assist Series has 4 features:

  • When a job was completed, this can be reported to one or more employees within the customer’s company.
  • When a malfunction or error message occurs, then the very same, or different persons can be notified.
  • If the malfunction or error message is not addressed within a certain time frame, then this can be escalated to the same or to other employees.
  • A daily report can be sent with an overview of the pieces, the quantities and the exact time on which these were executed.

As one may expect nowadays, the customer can decide for himself who should receive which message, and also what the time frame is for escalation upon a malfunction or error message.

"The purpose of this Messenger Service is twofold: on the one hand, we want to ensure that the automation continues to operate autonomously, and we will notify the company’s employees when action must be taken. On the other hand we want to give more insight into what that automation has been doing exactly," De Ceuster explains. "At the end of the day, our customers are investing a lot of money, and this investment should pay off. As a manager of that business, this means that you will want to get a good understanding of what the Turn-Assist is doing exactly, and whether this is consistent with what you had in mind. In other words, it’s always about profitability, ease of use and efficiency."

RoboJob will showcase its Messenger Service along with all the other RoboJob products. RoboJob has its booth in Hall 2, at stand A18. Indumation takes place in Kortrijk, from 6 to 8 May 2015. You can visit the RoboJob Booth for product information, technical information and price quotes.

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