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RoboJob shows innovation and lets customers do the talking at Automation Team Day Benelux



Steven Craenen

Published on

May 23, 2023

Next week, on Thursday 1 June 2023, the second edition of the Automation Team Day will take place. The event, which focuses on the automation of CNC machines and everything that comes with it, promises to be worthwhile: after all, numerous innovations will be shown. Moreover, two customers will also take the floor, each of whom will testify about their experiences with CNC automation.

Pierre Stubbe of Stubbe Draai- en Freeswerken and Pieter Cappoen of Platteau Subcontracting will each bring their own story during the Automation Team Day, which will take place on 1 June at RoboJob's showroom. "This makes the story of CNC Automation a lot more concrete, showing it from our customers' point of view," clarifies CEO Helmut De Roovere. "I am therefore very grateful to these customers for wanting to share their experiences with companies that might have yet to take the step to automation."

It was previously announced that RoboJob will organise this year's Automation Team Day together with SCHUNK and Spantech Opspansystemen BV. The latter is the distributor of HWR Spanntechnik. And that, of course, is no coincidence: with both partners, RoboJob developed some striking novelties, which it will also display during the event.

On the Tower, RoboJob will show not only the SCHUNK Rapido but also the new SCHUNK KSP-BWA exchange system: with the RAPIDO quick-change system, the robot exchanges the individual chuck jaws of the turning lathe. With the new KSP-BWA system, it works in exactly the same way, but for the jaws of a fixture in a milling machine. There, too, the robot exchanges the individual jaws. "In this way, we ensure that the robot does not have to exchange the entire fixture," says De Roovere. "That is not only a lighter weight for the robot, but also a lower investment for the customer. After all, the basis remains the same and it is only the jaws that need to be exchanged. So the customer does not have to buy different fixtures."

On the Mill-Assist, RoboJob will present the application it developed together with HWR Spanntechnik: this makes it possible to not only load and unload workpieces but also HWR clamps on the automation solution for milling machines.

Coby CNC is also present again. The 'do-it-yourself' cobot solution was the big surprise at last year's Automation Team Day: RoboJob presented the new cobot for the first time. "Meanwhile, we are a year on, and Coby has grown from an initial concept to a fully-fledged solution," says De Roovere. "We have had the first five systems installed at as many customers, and in the meantime we have also been able to use their feedback to further perfect this product. In September, we will therefore take Coby to the EMO fair in Hanover."

The Automation Team Day will be held on Thursday, 1 June 2023, at RoboJob's headquarters in Heist-op-den-Berg. Everyone is welcome, but registration is mandatory. Anyone who is interested can register for a morning, afternoon or evening session. You can find more information on the website

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