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RoboJob shows Factory of the Future at Grand Opening

RoboJob Wall


Steven Craenen

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Jun 24, 2024

Last week, RoboJob officially opened the doors of its new headquarters in Heist-op-den-Berg. In doing so, the market leader in CNC automation took an important new step in its growth trajectory. During three days, the guests at the 'Grand Opening' were able to discover the new, impressive building. Moreover, RoboJob unveiled a completely new solution, making its vision of the Factory of the Future concrete.

All roads led to Heist-op-den-Berg in Belgium last week, as RoboJob customers, partners and suppliers were invited there for the official inauguration of a brand new headquarters. This followed RoboJob's impressive growth trajectory in recent years. Founded in 2007 by Helmut De Roovere and Luc De Ceuster, the CNC specialist has installed more than 1,700 robots in over 30 countries since 2010.

With its new headquarters, RoboJob is preparing for further growth. In the new building - which has 5,000 m² of useful surface - the company is tripling its production capacity. Yet during the Grand Opening, the main focus was on a completely new RoboJob solution.

The RoboJob Wall

With its brand-new 'Wall', RoboJob demonstrated to those present its vision of the Factory of the Future. An impressive wall no less than 6 metres high was erected in the showroom. This wall was made up of modules, each one metre wide. In each module, trays are provided that can be filled with workpieces, fixtures and tools. A hoist brings these trays to loading stations, from where robots can supply the CNC machine with the necessary fixtures, tools and raw materials.

The Wall itself is modular, meaning it can vary in height and width. In this way, the available space on the shop floor can be used optimally and the Wall can function as a central warehouse for one or more CNC machines. The Wall can be restocked and unloaded manually, but AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) can also take care of the restocking.

Step by step

"With the 'Wall', we are showing our vision of the future," clarifies CEO Helmut De Roovere. "However, we are very aware that not all companies are currently waiting for such an innovative solution. A lot of companies hardly have any experience with automation, and then this is not the most obvious solution. However, with Coby, Pallet-Load and our Turn- and Mill-Assist Series, we can offer reliable, well-developed solutions that can be deployed immediately and which have an immediate impact.

For companies that want to go a step further anyway, you can already create a lot more autonomy with the Tower. Which solution is most suitable depends, among other things, on your work pieces, machine and the space on the shop floor. Our staff are ready to guide customers through that process."

It is clear that with a new, modern building and a clear vision of the future, RoboJob is ready for sustainable growth.

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