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RoboJob sells fiftieth Tower

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Steven Craenen

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Oct 18, 2021

That 2021 will be a record year at RoboJob, is clear. Since Corona, the demand for robots and automation has increased considerably, as CEO Helmut De Roovere already knows. What's noticeable is that RoboJob's Tower is also in demand.

Ever since the summer of 2020, the people at RoboJob from Heist-op-den-Berg have seen a considerable increase in the number of requests from home and abroad. This year it will also translate into record sales figures. Companies are fully committed to autonomous production, and that is now precisely what differentiates RoboJob's ‘Tower’.

For 15 years, RoboJob has been building user-friendly robot systems that are used to automatically load and unload CNC-controlled turning and milling machines. The company was born out of necessity, because the profession of CNC operator or machine programmer has been a bottleneck profession for years, both in Belgium and far beyond. Whereas the first RoboJob systems could only be used to supply the CNC machines with the necessary raw materials - usually aluminium and other metals - the Tower now makes a great deal more possible.

“The Tower is RoboJob’s most advanced automation system," says CEO Helmut De Roovere. We install a tower at our customers’ that can not only be supplied with raw materials, but also with pallets and clamping devices. A robot then loads and unloads these into one or more CNC machines, allowing for 72 hours of autonomous production. Using the Tower, both single pieces and series can be produced autonomously. This makes the Tower an ideal automation concept for companies that need to mill or turn a wide variety of components, both in small and high volumes.

The sales figures show that companies are interested. “In the meantime, we've already sold more than 50 Towers. Six months ago it was only 30, so you could say that this year we’ve gained momentum with our Tower."

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