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RoboJob scoops the FANUC Grand Award

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Steven Craenen

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Dec 18, 2019

Two years after RoboJob won the prestigious Application Award from FANUC, the robot specialist from Heist-op-den-Berg has scooped the Grand Award this time around. This year, RoboJob was awarded the first prize during the biennial FANUC Award Ceremony in Japan. A company can only receive the FANUC Grand Award once, and thus receives the highest possible recognition from FANUC.

FANUC - the global market leader in robotics - organises its Award Ceremony in Japan every two years. With these Awards, FANUC aims to highlight progressive companies that have globally taken exceptional volumes at Fanuc, and when doing this, also excel in innovation. RoboJob received the Application Award two years ago. The main prize was scooped this year with the Grand Award.

"In fact, our relationship with RoboJob dates back to before the actual founding of the company in 2007," recalls Paul Ribus. Paul is the Managing Director of FANUC Benelux and he has known the CEO of RoboJob - Helmut De Roovere - for more than 15 years already. "Helmut was already working on robots in 2004, albeit for Aluro, RoboJob’s sister company, which builds machines for thermal break profiles for aluminium windows. A few years later, Helmut and his business partner, Luc De Ceuster, launched RoboJob. Over the past 13 years, RoboJob has established itself as a unique, innovative company that has created a completely new market segment," says Ribus. "With the Grand Award, we are not only acknowledging this innovative status, we are also thanking RoboJob as a long-standing, loyal partner of FANUC."

RoboJob builds standard automation solutions for CNC machines, and it has also been active internationally since 2011. In recent years, international expansion has accelerated, with installations in Italy, Spain, Japan and the United States. "That too contributed to RoboJob receiving the Grand Award," says Ribus. "This award recognises exceptional performance across the board: the path taken by RoboJob, the growth curve in the number of robots they buy from us each year, the innovative aspect and, of course, the relationship that we have been able to forge over the years. You can only receive the Grand Award once, which is why the entire process must be completely correct. I am extremely proud that it is a company from the Benelux that has taken this award, after previous winners from the United States and China."

The CEO of RoboJob, Helmut De Roovere, also believes that it counts in terms of recognition. "This is truly unbelievable! When I see the companies that have received this Award in the past, I am very proud that RoboJob has joined this select group. This is by no means an award for me, but rather an award for a hard working team comprised of young talent and experienced hands. This Award is recognition for their talent and hard work. It is fantastic that we can end the year this way."

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