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RoboJob returns satisfied from Germany



Steven Craenen

Published on

Sep 24, 2019

This year's EMO fair in Hannover was one of the highlights on RoboJob's agenda. The reason for this is that EMO is the largest trade fair in the manufacturing industry in the world, which makes it a great platform for anyone who wants to play a leading role in this sector. After 6 busy days at the fair, RoboJob returned from Hannover satisfied.

The Belgian CNC specialist has been working on the EMO presentation since last year, because it is essential to raise the bar each time you participate. For this edition RoboJob pulled out all the stops with the Tower Advanced, which was the showpiece at the stand that also included the Turn-Assist 270 i and the Mill-Assist Essential i for all to admire. With the Tower, RoboJob is fully committed to the high mix, low volume production that machine builders and especially suppliers are facing today.

"In the past, large quantities were produced to keep them in stock, but things have changed completely in the manufacturing industry today," explains CEO Helmut De Roovere. "Companies don't build up stocks anymore, because that is too expensive. Suppliers therefore have to produce much smaller quantities, which is why they have to look for extra work. This in turn results in a greater variety of the parts they have to make. We refer to this as high mix, low volume. Our Tower is ideally suited to automate this new reality in an accessible manner.”

There was great interest in the Tower Advanced and the other solutions from RoboJob. The market leader in CNC automation was able to return with many orders, for the Tower and for the other models. "With shorter delivery times and challenging economic prospects, this is the perfect time to focus on CNC automation. If you order today, you can have your automation delivered this year already. Unmanned production remains essential to ensure the profitability of our manufacturing industry."

There will not be much time for peace and quiet after the busy days of EMO as the next trade fair is already around the corner in the form of Metavak in Gorinchem. From 8 to 10 October RoboJob will be showing its Turn-Assist 270 i. Metavak will be open daily from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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