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RoboJob puts its focus on the flexibility of every customer

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Steven Craenen

Published on

Jul 8, 2015

Last month, the Benelux market leader in CNC automation once again made it clear that it continues to focus on innovation and product development. With the launch of the integrated airblow for the Turn- and Mill-Assist Series, RoboJob confirms that it continues to work on further innovations and enhancements that will further increase the profitability, effectiveness and ease of use of its solutions.  That is proven again this month, with RoboJob’s presentation of a new innovation that emphasizes the flexibility of each customer.

Like every year, the Belgian specialist in automatic loading and unloading of CNC machines conducted its annual customer satisfaction survey in June. "We’ve been doing this for several years already," says co-founder and -CEO Helmut De Roovere. "And not just for the fun of it. We do so especially to learn from what our customers have to tell us, and also to link actions to the recommendations of our customers. The results are now being processed, but it is pleasant to see that the number of participations further increases every year. The more feedback we get, the more we can improve. Initial results show that we are highly regarded, both for our products but also for our service. This obviously gives us great pleasure."

That RoboJob pursues a high customer satisfaction, should come as no surprise. The Belgian company makes every effort to provide its customers with the best possible service. Not only with smart, user-friendly products, but also with best-in-class customer service. "We don’t only tell everyone that we provide a strong service. We also put our words into practice. And it is our customers who can testify about this. Then it is nice to hear that our efforts are highly appreciated and that for example our own installation teams are appreciated for doing their best to ensure a smooth installation and to also finish it within the predetermined timeframe."

Flexible boys, those installation teams. And let it just be the case that flexibility is a core value in this market. RoboJob has understood that very well: this month, it reveals another innovation that emphasizes the flexibility of its customers.

"Considering that with our standard products, we are specifically targeting the small to medium series, it is very important that everything can be set up and changed over quickly and easily," De Roovere explains. "It’s not only with our software that we achieve this, but also with the configuration possibilities of our table, on which the work pieces can be stacked. With the help of our table support fittings, you can configure the table both for very small work pieces to work pieces with a length of up to 450mm. And now we give our customers an additional choice for milling pieces: if a customer wants to, he can now also make his own grid plates and simply install these on the table. Also in the software, he can easily set up his grid plates, and then he can decide for himself how he would like to configure the table: with our support fittings, or with his own grid plates. That way, we again increase the flexibility of our customers, and in addition, the customer can make those grid plates himself. And that also reduces the cost."

RoboJob promises to continue to announce regular innovations and enhancements during the coming months. Whoever would like to know more, will better keep an eye on the RoboJob website:

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