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RoboJob presents innovation at Dormac



Steven Craenen

Published on

Jan 6, 2015

Dormac, the Dutch supplier of CNC machines, will be opening its doors to the general public during the last weekend of January 2015.  The Dutch supplier of brands such as Doosan recently made significant improvements to its building, and now invites its customers to explore the renewed and expanded building. And also RoboJob, the Belgian market leader in CNC automation, could not be missed at this open house. RoboJob will be presenting a new innovation, the turning unit for turning pieces.

Dormac is a Dutch company, based in North Holland’s Berkhout, who has specialized in CNC machines and tools. It distributes high quality metal working machines of known brands such as Doosan, Kiheung, Fat, Haco, Finetech and Everox, and also provides support to enable its customers to maximize the output of the CNC machine. The company was founded over 50 years ago and has an excellent reputation in the Netherlands, thanks to the technical expertise and customer focus of its employees.

On Friday 30 and Saturday, 31 January 2015, Dormac opens the doors to the general public. For several years, the company has worked closely with RoboJob after RoboJob automated several Doosan machines with its user-friendly loading and unloading solutions for turning and milling machines. RoboJob was also invited to participate in the open house of Dormac, and it will not only be showcasing its standard loading and unloading solutions, but it will also present a new development: the turning unit for turning pieces. This latest development of the Belgian market leader will be demonstrated on a Turn-Assist, which will be set up on a Doosan Puma GT2600.

Co-founder and CEO Helmut The Roovere tells the story behind this innovation: "We often hear from our customers that our standard products allow them to achieve more spindle hours, and that our automation helps to increase the efficiency of their machines. That is fantastic news! But of course we continuously look for further improvement, and we like to think together with the customer to find new solutions," De Roovere explains the philosophy of RoboJob. "That is how we came to develop our turning unit for turning pieces. For turning pieces, often both sides of a rough work piece needs to be manipulated. That is already possible: for example, the robot can first load and unload a series which is finished on only one side, before that same series is then re-loaded for manipulating the other side. With the turning unit, this can now be carried out easier and faster, because the robot itself can turn the work piece. Both sides are machined in one operation, which means that the automation can work independently even longer. It is therefore easier, faster and the machine's efficiency is increased again," De Roovere concludes.

Not coincidentally, the philosophy of RoboJob is a close match with that of Dormac. The first priority of the Dutch specialist in metalworking machines is to support its customers. "We continuously invest in people and resources to serve our end users," Sales Director Joost Verschure explains. "Everything is done to optimize the resources of our customer. And with RoboJob, we have a partner who offers qualitative, user-friendly and flexible automation. And indeed, this automation allows to further increase the efficiency of the CNC machines. That is also the case with their latest development, the turning unit for turning pieces. I am confident that our customers will also quickly understand the benefits."

During both days of the open house, live demonstrations will be held on 16 machines. You can register at RoboJob via

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