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RoboJob prepares for the MTMS Tradeshow in Brussels



Steven Craenen

Published on

Feb 2, 2015

The year has only just started, but for RoboJob there is no time for a break. Late January, the Belgian market leader in the automatic loading and unloading of CNC machines already participated at the Open House of Dormac in the Netherlands, and is already busy with preparations for the MTMS tradeshow in Brussels.

From 25 to March 27, 2015 RoboJob will participate at MTMS for the second time. For the second edition of the ‘Materials Transformation and Machining Show’, the exhibition organizers are moving to Hall 5, which – with its 15,000 m² – is the largest exhibition hall of Brussels Expo. Thus, all suppliers of technology for the transformation of metals, plastics and composites will literally be brought together under one roof, and MTMS further strenghtens its international image. You will find RoboJob at Booth 10, close to the main entrance.

MTMS, the ‘Materials Transformation and Machining Show’, is the largest exhibition in its kind in Belgium: more than 120 exhibitors from different countries will lure visitors from home and abroad with their latest developments. In a year without the Techni-Show, this is the highlight for the metalworking industry. Visitors can see the latest technical highlights in machinery, tools and also automation.

This year promises to be very busy for RoboJob. There may not be an EMO exhibition in Hannover, and no Techni-Show or AMB. Nevertheless, the Belgian specialist in CNC automation already noted many other events in its agenda: MTMS, EMO Milan, and numerous Open Houses and demo days at machine suppliers and partners at home and abroad. But MTMS has been noted in capital letters. Since this is the most important exhibition in home market Belgium. And also this time, RoboJob promises to deliver some surprising innovations.

"That’s indeed what we strive for every single tradeshow", explains co-founder and –CEO Helmut De Roovere when it comes to innovation, "Not only because we want further to complement our product portfolio, but primarily because our customers are asking us for these innovations. Meanwhile, we have so many customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and other Western European countries who use our products every day. And we notice that over time, they also come with new insights to optimize their businesses even further. At the AMB exhibition in Stuttgart, we already presented three innovations in September, and now we want to surprise again at the MTMS tradeshow", De Roovere elaborates. "Belgium is in fact our home market. It’s here and in the Netherlands where our customers of the very first hour are located. Each of these companies has taken a leap into the unknown. Innovators, who have taken a calculated risk to turn their business profitable again. And of course, we want to give something back to them. With several of these customers, we have worked closely to develop new features that make the product even better, more flexible and easier to use. And thus more profitable."

RoboJob will be presenting its innovations from 25 to 27 March, 2015 at Booth 10 of the MTMS exhibition in Brussels Expo. The Belgian specialist in automatic loading and unloading of CNC machines will not only be showcasing its standard products, but also various innovations. You can visit the RoboJob Booth for product information, technical information and price quotes.

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