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RoboJob once again guest at Mazaks Open House




Steven Craenen

Published on

Nov 24, 2015

As usual in December, the European market leader in CNC machines, Yamazaki Mazak Europe is organizing its open days, also known as the Private Show. Equally good customary practice shows that once again RoboJob is leading the partner list. This time RoboJob is exhibiting its unequivocal standard: the Turn-Assist 180. Mazak’s Private Show is taking place in the new European Logistics Centre on December 1, 2 and 3, 2015.

It seems to be becoming an annual tradition. RoboJob was not to be missed at the previous 4 editions of the Private Show, Mazak’s ‘Open House’. And now RoboJob also appears to have secured a fiercely coveted place during this prestigious event of Mazak in Haasrode (Belgium). It testifies to the mutual trust and the good cooperation between both companies.

Mazak’s new European Logistics Centre was inaugurated early this year. Several partners, customers and suppliers of Mazak were also invited for this occasion. RoboJob presented no less than 5 innovations for the Belgian market. For this edition of Mazak’s Open House, the Turn-Assist 180 is being set up on a Quick Turn Smart 100 S. The Turn-Assist 180 is the most compact automation in the market for loading lathes. During Mazak’s Open House the industry standard par excellence is being demonstrated live to the many visitors.

RoboJob and Mazak appear to have had a good relationship for quite some time. “That is indeed the case” confirms co-founder and business manager, Helmut De Roovere. “Not only in Belgium and the Netherlands is there collaboration. We have also established successful partnerships in Germany, Norway, Sweden, France and the United Kingdom. There, the Mazak dealers themselves are responsible for the sales of RoboJob’s standard products."

"Of course we are highly delighted that RoboJob has also been asked to participate again at Mazak’s Open House this time. No other partner has ever been invited on five consecutive occasions. That means that Mazak not only has confidence in us but also in our systems. It proves that our products are considered as the standard in the market and it does credit to our position as market leader in the Benelux. In the Benelux we now have a significant installed base and the order book for next year is also already pretty full. The combination of Mazak + RoboJob is a highly regarded combination,” says a proud De Roovere.

Whether RoboJob will also be presenting innovations at this event remains to be seen. Those invited are already waiting with bated breath!
Mazak’s Open House is taking place in the new European Logistics Centre on December 1, 2 and 3, 2015. For more information and reservations please contact

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