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RoboJob on the go again at Mazak



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Nov 8, 2016

Metavak in Gorinchem and the Open Days at Hommel (Germany) are now over for RoboJob. Next week there are no less than 4 events scheduled in one and the same week and then it’s the count down to Mazak’s Open House. This is an annual year-closer for RoboJob, which again looks like rounding off this year with record figures.

This year too, RoboJob is in action at Mazak in Haasrode, which as usual, and with the year end in sight, is organising its Open House. RoboJob can yet again demonstrate its standard products for CNC automation, already now for the sixth (!) time. Time and again the confidence in RoboJob is confirmed by Mazak, and that clearly pleases Helmut De Roovere, co-founder and business manager at the Belgian market leader in CNC automation: "Right from our start we’ve had a very good relationship,” says De Roovere,” but it's up to us to confirm that trust. We can only do that by providing the best products and best possible service to our joint customers and there already is a significant number.”

Mazak customers like Van Bussel Metaaltechniek from the Netherlands or Platteau from Belgium are just some of the references being displayed on RoboJob’s web site. These are all leading companies that have already made the move towards automation and RoboJob has high hopes that many more will follow. “It’s the only way to make the transition to a modern production environment, wherein Profitability, Flexibility and Efficiency are key. Fortunately, the managers in Belgium and the Netherlands have recognized this, and CNC automation is on the rise,” says De Roovere.

This trend is not only pressing ahead in the Benelux but in all West European countries. Initiatives such as Industry 4.0 or Factory of the Future are obviously contributing to this. RoboJob was able to directly experience this in Germany, where it can now look back on it highly successful participation at the AMB. In France too, the Belgian CNC-specialist has had a lightning start. It’s not by chance that it also works there together with dealers of Mazak.

On 29 and 30 November and on 1 December, Belgian, Dutch and Luxembourg machinists can head to Mazak, which is opening its doors each time from 14.00 to 21.00 hrs at the brand new European Logistics Centre in Haasrode. There, RoboJob is demonstrating the Turn-assist 250 and the Mill-assist Essential. Mazak’s Open House is being held this year in the context of modern production techniques that ensure higher output, more flexibility and greater efficiency.

With the new software platform that’s being demonstrated, RoboJob shows that it’s ready for the future. "In fact, this new platform provides a modern, intuitive user experience. In addition to all existing functionalities – we already have the most standard functions in the market - and we have included a lot of new features; for example strong use is made of 3D visualisations,” explains R&D Manager Peter De Roovere. “Adjust the dimensions of a workpiece and you will then see the result in 3D. You will see how workpieces are picked up by the robot and how they are placed in the chuck or clamping. Furthermore, the user can always rotate the camera position in order to see these actions from all possible angles. In other words, we make it a lot easier for our customers, because even before they hit the start button, they will have already approved all the actions of the robot.”

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