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RoboJob now also offers leasing formulas in the Benelux

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Jun 30, 2020

RoboJob announced a new partnership at the EMO fair in September last year: together with GEFA Bank, the international market leader in CNC automation now also offers the opportunity of leasing robot systems. So far only in Germany, but that’s now changing.

Following new agreements that RoboJob has concluded with leasing companies in Belgium and the Netherlands, customers in the Benelux can now also lease their RoboJob automation.

"Since we introduced our German leasing formula at the EMO trade fair, we have regularly been asked by customers closer to home whether this is also a possibility in Belgium or the Netherlands," says CEO Helmut De Roovere. “Here too it seems that people are indeed interested in leasing formulas, so we have got together with Belgian and Dutch leasing companies. Those agreements are now complete. Like in Germany, we still remain the only point of contact for our customers. If they are interested in leasing, it is their RoboJob discussion partner who will transfer the file to the leasing company. Only after a few days, a definitive answer and a contract proposal will follow. The customer then has all the necessary information so that he can decide for himself whether he wants to purchase or lease a system.”

Leasing does offer a number of advantages compared to the purchase of a robot: not only is the investment spread over time, the monthly payments also only start once the complete installation has been delivered. “It’s not only companies that have to keep an eye on their cash flow, who are interested in leasing. I’ve noticed that there are lots of shrewd accountants at our customers, and they know very well why leasing can also be a highly interesting option. Our job is to help seek solutions with our customer and that also includes the financial aspect.”

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