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RoboJob increases the efficiency of its customers

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Steven Craenen

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Apr 29, 2015

From the start, Belgium-based RoboJob focused on the automation of small and medium-sized series, for which it developed standard products that can be set up quickly, and which thus significantly increase the efficiency of the CNC machine. The company has foreseen sufficient room for flexibility for very different work pieces to be loaded and unloaded automatically. And the Benelux market leader continues to unveil a series of innovations that will further increase the efficiency of its standard products.

We could already see it at the MTMS-exhibition in Brussels: the leader in the Benelux presented no less than five innovations. Extensions for handling shafts, the loading and unloading to and from a pallet, post-processes, revolving units and also the futuristic robot technology: these are all innovations that further increase the efficiency, flexibility and efficiency of its standard products. In that perspective, RoboJob did not just focus on attracting new customers, but primarily on serving its existing customers.

"Meanwhile, we have quite a lot of customers in the Benelux," co-founder and -CEO Helmut De Roovere explains. "And several customers have now also purchased a second, third, fourth or even fifth system. This increases their flexibility because the RoboJob systems take over the repetitive work, and it allows them to react quickly to urgent orders, which have almost become the standard in the market today."

"And to enable that quick reaction, we must ensure that the operator can proceed efficiently," colleague and co-founder Luc De Ceuster joins the discussion. "That's why we continue to invest in the further optimization of all software, primarily for our existing clients. They obviously know our systems like no other. At their request, we now have developed the Export / Import feature."

Setting up the software and configuring the table of the RoboJob products is a matter of minutes. The Belgian specialist in the automatic loading and unloading takes pride that this only takes five minutes for a new work piece, and two minutes for a piece that was not yet set up before. With the Export / Import function, new programs can now be externally prepared and on top of that, all saved settings can now easily be transferred from one RoboJob-automation to another.

"So if you have two Turn-Assists for example, and you want to switch quickly from one CNC machine to another, then you can simply make an export of your jobs to a USB key or over the network to a general location. Just as quickly, those data can then be imported in any other Turn-Assist. So you don’t have to reconfigure a known work piece on another Turn-Assist. It’s a very simple thing as such, but it allows you to work even more efficiently."

RoboJob will showcase its innovations along with all the other RoboJob products. RoboJob has its booth in Hall 2, at stand A18. Indumation takes place in Kortrijk, from 6 to 8 May 2015. You can visit the RoboJob Booth for product information, technical information and price quotes.

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