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RoboJob goes to METAV with a new slogan

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Jan 22, 2018

For RoboJob, the new exhibition year officially starts next week, with SEPEM. In Rouen (France), the Belgian market leader in CNC automation will be showing its new Turn-Assist 200i on the Mazak dealer Degomme Boccard’s stand. In just a few weeks, RoboJob will be travelling to Germany, where it will be participating for the first time at the METAV trade fair.

With participations in SEPEM and METAV, the year has immediately set in at RoboJob. True to tradition, it participates annually at more than 20 trade fairs and events, where it invariably turns out with innovative solutions and products. “At METAV, RoboJob will also be turning out for the first time with a new slogan", says CEO Helmut De Roovere.

RoboJob has already been the specialist in CNC machine automation for more than 10 years. “Right from the start we have been fully committed to the small and medium-sized series,” says De Roovere. “At our sister company we indeed realized that the supply chain in the manufacturing industry had been structurally changed, and that orders for a limited number of components had become the rule rather than the exception. Using 'Simply Robotizing CNC', we are trying to make clear what we are doing at RoboJob: we are building very simple, low-threshold standard products for the purpose of robotizing CNC machines. We are obviously continuing to do that, but today we do even more.”

First in CNC Automation

In recent years RoboJob has grown to become the undisputed market leader at home and abroad. Its Turn- and Mill-Assist Series are generally recognized as the standard in CNC automation. Using its new slogan - First in CNC Automation - RoboJob wants to confirm its established position: “We think the time is now right to not only confirm our market leadership, but also the role of pioneer that we took on from day 1 and have not let go of since: we were the first to develop a standard product, specifically for automating smaller quantities. It has few barriers, is compact and quick to set up, and yet it has the necessary flexibility so that you can automate many different workpieces using one and the same automation. We also really don’t want to let go of that pioneering role anymore. We remain committed to focusing on new solutions and products. With our Tower we show that we are not only able to just automate series, but also single pieces and ultimately even tools and clamping devices. This is one of the reasons why we can now offer our customers the most comprehensive portfolio in CNC automation."

Three exhibition stands:

This portfolio can be admired by visitors to METAV at no fewer than 3 different exhibition stands: Hommel Unverzagt is showing the Mill-Assist Essential on a Quaser, Okuma is doing this with the Turn-Assist 200i on an Okuma and RoboJob is showing the Turn-Assist Racks on its own stand.

The visitors to SEPEM and METAV will be happy to hear it: the advance in CNC automation is in full swing, both in France and in Germany. Germany has long been one of the largest customers for RoboJob products, while France has also significantly grown in recent years.

SEPEM is taking place in Rouen, from January 30th to February 1st. METAV takes place in Düsseldorf from February 20th to 24th.

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