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RoboJob exceeds the 300 mark for installations in Germany

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Steven Craenen

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Nov 12, 2019

RoboJob reaches a new milestone in Germany. This month, the Belgian market leader in CNC automation will finalise the three hundredth installation there. In doing so, RoboJob stands head and shoulders above the competition.

Since 2007, RoboJob has been constructing low-threshold, compact CNC automation that allows its customers to gain more efficiency, flexibility and profits from the CNC machine park. Since 2010, the CNC specialist has been selling these systems in Belgium and the Netherlands. The first installation in Germany dates from June 2013: “The first robot we installed in Germany was at a customer in the Moselle region,” says CEO Helmut De Roovere. “We installed a Turn-Assist Essential on a DMG machine there. That same year a few more installations followed at various customers in North Rhine-Westphalia, in Saarland and in Baden-Württemberg. And now, 6 years later, we’re exceeding the 300 mark for installations in Germany.”

“In those 6 years, Germany has become our most important and largest market. In spite of the difficulties in the automotive industry, we’re continuing to do very well in Germany. The German manufacturing industry recognizes that CNC automation continues to be very important, certainly in times when batch sizes can fall back and you have to be able to switch quickly from one product to the next. Thanks to our short set-up times and flexible solutions, this is perfectly possible with our robots. It’s precisely in these times that you should be able to get more out of your machine.”

It’s striking that RoboJob has not only automated machines from the "big" brands such as Mazak, DMG or Okuma, but also lots of less well-known brands: “Apart from the major German, Japanese and Korean brands, you can see that we have also carried out installations on other, less well-known machines. In Germany, for example, we’ve installed our robots on more than 30 different machine brands,” says De Roovere. "It is precisely this experience that sets us apart from other providers. Our customers are able to not only rely on the stability and ease of use of our products, but also on our experience with hundreds of installations on numerous machine brands.”

Several RoboJob customers testify about their experiences on RoboJob’s website. In addition to customers from Germany, you’ll also find the success stories of customers from Belgium, the Netherlands and France.

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