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RoboJob convinces German maching industry at AMB


Industry 4.0

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Sep 20, 2016

It’s the third year in succession that RoboJob will be exhibiting at the AMB Messe, the largest German trade fair in the metal sector. The Belgian automation specialist is sparing no expense on its stand with the Turn-Assist 250 and with the Mill-Assist Essential. Two standard products that meet the needs of the German suppliers perfectly and who, in the context of industry 4.0, want to focus more on modern and flexible automation. And indeed they’ve been able to increase their competitive strength, with more flexibility and efficiency in production, contributing to higher returns. Visitors to the AMB were already able to appreciate this.

At RoboJob they’re able to look back with considerable satisfaction at taking part in the AMB Messe. This exhibition is the largest German trade fair in the metal sector and is increasingly attracting more and more international visitors. RoboJob was there as one of the three Belgian exhibitors and that didn’t go unnoticed. The new software platform is “Industry 4.0 Ready” and has already translated itself into a handful of orders that were immediately able to be concluded at the exhibition.

"It’s noticeable that this year there were many more international visitors to AMB. Not only German companies find their way to Stuttgart, but also companies from Switzerland, Austria, France and even Scandinavia, Italy and Turkey,” confirms Business Development Manager Jelle De Roovere. “We were even able to welcome customers who came all the way from Belgium and the Netherlands. The AMB Messe offers far more than similar fairs back home.”

"We’re proud to have participated here for the third consecutive time," said De Roovere. “It confirms the path we’ve taken in our international expansion. Meanwhile, RoboJob is no longer unknown in Germany.” Witness thereof the number of installations at German customers, which is already much higher than the originally planned 150, but also the collaboration that was established with all Mazak dealers in Germany, and with distributors of Okuma- and Doosan machines.

The visitors easily found their way to RoboJob; they had set up their stand in Hall 3, right next to that of Doosan. The Benelux market leader in CNC-automation presented two solutions that had already ensured the required success in the Benelux home market. And now the German suppliers are also increasingly convinced of the need for CNC automation. Not coincidentally, this is partly due to the 'Industry 4.0' principle, wherein the German government is playing a leading role. “As we know, the German government wants to maintain its leading role in Europe, also for industry. That’s why so much emphasis is being put on Industry 4.0,” says De Roovere. His contacts with customers and distributors of CNC machines demonstrates that German suppliers have understood the message. “A modern and flexible automation is indeed one of the cornerstones of Industry 4.0. Our customers and also our partners in Germany understand that you have to invest in this. Simply because it’s necessary to increase your competitive strength and to set up your production more efficiently."

At RoboJob they’ve been working for almost 10 years on standard solutions for CNC automation. Research and Development is being strongly used and in conjunction with its customers, the Belgian market leader is building on standard solutions that still have the necessary flexibility to be broadly deployed. Our new software platform has been developed in order to be ready for the following industrial revolution. In future, customers will be able to do much more than they’ve dreamed of until now. Using only few data, one can set up a completely new product; select the correct configuration in the machine and it integrates convenient pre- or post-processes such as degreasing, deburring, engraving, ... Data can be automatically read, protected, passed on to another RoboJob-product in production or even be connected to CNC programs in the machine.”

The Turn-Assist 250 and the Mill-Assist Essential are two of the many standard products developed by RoboJob in recent years. Meanwhile, Robojob has also diligently continued to work on a range of extensions and options that can be used on these standard products. “This way our customers can build on their tailor-made automation, in relation to their personal needs. Each of these products and extensions were developed on the shop floor, often together with our customers. It’s just through this that they can also be sure that they’re easily accessible and can be flexibly deployed.”

“To be honest I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a standard solution for automatic loading and unloading of my CNC machines," said a visitor to the RoboJob stand. “I’m therefore pleasantly surprised. After all, our CNC machines cost a lot of money and in fact, they are inactive far too often. I’ve therefore agreed with RoboJob that we’ll sit together next week so we can look more closely at how we can best proceed. Indeed we are also feeling the international competition in Germany and we have to move up a gear in order to remain competitive - even to survive.”

For many suppliers - at home and abroad - this won’t sound unfamiliar. Once again it appears that suppliers have to contend with the consequences of the globalization of our economy. At RoboJob they’re ready for it: the company meanwhile has no less than 7 standard products in its portfolio, complemented by a range of options and extensions. The service department has also been significantly expanded in order to meet the ever-increasing demand.

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