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RoboJob confirms its focus on eastern Germany



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Feb 13, 2023

RoboJob senses that demand for automation is on the rise in eastern Germany. Partly in light of the reshoring trend gaining momentum, this should come as no surprise. It is therefore important to respond to that demand and assist companies in their move towards automation.

Demand for automation from eastern Germany (and Europe) has only grown in recent years. Jürgen Treczka is our sales manager in that region. "My schedule is packed these days, which is a definite improvement on a few years ago," he says. "When we first noticed movement in eastern Germany, I leapt into action. I found many companies that recognised the importance of automation, and most of them have taken the plunge by now. Since then, only potential customers have been added."

One explanation for the growing demand in eastern Germany is the by now familiar phenomenon of reshoring. Companies are bringing production back to Europe, in part to reduce reliance on international transport. These companies then start looking for ways to optimise production here, and they often turn to automation. We have therefore seen a high level of interest in our solutions for both existing and new CNC machines.

This interest is also reflected in a strong interest in the RoboJob stand at trade fairs, among other things. In 2019, RoboJob participated in Intec for the first time to boost its presence in eastern Germany and to capitalise on the growing market in the region. "Intec 2019 was most definitely successful for us," declares Jelle De Roovere, Business Development Manager. "Jürgen and his colleagues from the sales team in Germany are looking forward to heading to Leipzig again this spring."

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