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RoboJob again breaks records

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Jan 8, 2018

2017 will go into RoboJob's books as yet another record year. With sales and installation figures going through the roof, partaking at in excess of 20 trade fairs and events, and also with 2 brand new products, the Belgian market leader in CNC automation is confirming its sharp rise. "But there’s still a lot of work to be done," says a passionate Helmut De Roovere, CEO.

Year upon year, the records continue to be broken at RoboJob. In 2017, it was not only the sales record that was broken, but also the record number of installations. “And that is very important,” says CEO Helmut De Roovere. “During this period of economic boom, considerable investments are being made, also in automation. At home and abroad our customers have now understood that you can no longer just disregard automation. The question is no longer whether you have to automate, but how. At RoboJob, our customers are now finding the most extensive portfolio of standard products and product extensions that are all designed to get more profit and output from their machine park.”

There is however, another side to the coin: the waiting times for many suppliers are increasing. Customers are having to wait longer and longer before a machine can be installed. “We’ve also had to conclude that and therefore we’re doing something about it. Behind the scenes we’ve been working on new products for quite some time now. These automations can be constructed faster by us, and are also easier and faster to install. That will significantly shorten delivery times."

The first new products were already introduced this year at the EMO trade fair in Hannover. RoboJob spared no expense with the brand new Tower, with which it also announced the next step in CNC automation: "This new all-rounder not only provides workpiece loading, but also pallet loading. In time, the Tower will even be able to load and unload tools and clamping devices, whereby our customers’ machines will be able to remain working autonomously for longer. That therefore means a significant increase in our customers’ output, efficiency and flexibility." The Turn-Assist 200i was the second new product that RoboJob introduced at the EMO: “This is our first integrated product, with which the complete automation was constructed on one fixed frame. This means that this product may easily be removed from a machine or even moved to another machine. Furthermore, all pipes and cables in the automation are also concealed, making this automation faster to install. It’s clear that further integrated models will still be following."

2018 will thus turn out to be a year with new products. In order to achieve this, the Belgian automation specialist has substantially invested in its team. In the past year, no less than 13 new colleagues were taken on, mainly strengthening the R&D, production and installation teams. “In the meantime, these new colleagues have been properly trained, whereby they’re ready to run at full speed in the new year. With new products and faster delivery times, we will be in a position to offer our customers even better service,” De Roovere concludes.

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