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German machining companies ready for CNC automation

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Steven Craenen

Published on

Aug 7, 2017

Only a few weeks ago, Hommel - the German distributor of Okuma machines in Germany - organised an event in collaboration with RoboJob for the third time. The workshop was full in no time at all and afterwards it appeared that German machinists were ready for CNC automation more than ever. Not least because they could get what they needed for simple, easily accessible solutions from RoboJob.

Hommel CNC-Technik has been the exclusive distributor of Okuma CNC machines in Germany for more than 40 years. Hommel also added RoboJob’s Turn- and Mill-Assist Series to its portfolio about a year ago. In doing so, the machine distributor, with locations in Cologne and Possendorf, is putting its efforts into CNC automation, and has chosen RoboJob as its partner.

In July, both CNC experts together organised a workshop on becoming an "Automation Professional in 5 Hours”. The event proved to be a great success, and was full in no time at all. The thirty machinists present were given new insights into the reasons and benefits of CNC automation in half a day. In addition, it was immediately possible to discover in practice just how easy it is to automate small and medium sized series today.

On the basis of practice demonstrations on the Turn-Assist 250 and a Mill-Assist Essential, both turning and milling pieces were set up and converted into completely different products. The short set-up times and high ease of use proved to be major benefits of both RoboJob systems.

Meanwhile, a survey by Hommel CNC-Technik has revealed that German machinists are more than ever ready for CNC automation. Even before the workshop had ended, an order was placed: it’s already the fifth order for a RoboJob system that Hommel has been able to list in one year's time.

This workshop was already the third event that Hommel has organised in conjunction with RoboJob; Interested machinists may still participate in a next edition before the end of the year.

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