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Big Tower gets little brother

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Steven Craenen

Published on

Nov 8, 2021

Good news from RoboJob: the Tower - the most advanced concept in CNC automation - is getting a little brother. In doing so, RoboJob continues to innovate and we are fully committed to the high mix, low volume market. The latest Tower appears to be particularly responsive to the automation of milling machines.

RoboJob’s Tower is the most advanced automation system. However, since the concept was launched at the EMO trade fair in 2017, it has come a long way. A magazine cannot only be supplied with raw materials, but also with pallets and clamping devices. The new servo gripper completes the picture: it eliminates the need for the robot to change grippers each time it needs to pick up pieces of different sizes. Although you can, for example, alternate between round and square pieces.

It allows the Tower to create significantly more autonomy on the machine. The robot loads and unloads one or more CNC machines, and in doing so can automate both single pieces and serial work. In just a few years' time, the Tower has developed into an ideal automation concept for high mix, low volume.

Now, in addition to the 4.6-metre-high Tower, there's a smaller brother, which will be 3.5 metres high. And that Tower comes at the request of the customers, says CEO Helmut De Roovere. "In recent years, the demand for smart automation has steadily increased. Many customers are looking for solutions to automate not only serial work, but also single pieces, and preferably all at once. The need is high, especially for milling work. Yet not everyone has the need or the space for the highest Tower version."

In recent years, RoboJob's R&D department has pulled out all the stops to meet this demand. "The smaller Tower may have less capacity, but it should have more functionality and thus be able to create more autonomy," according to De Roovere. "This Tower has by far the most features and functionalities. I can't tell you much more about it yet. We won't reveal that until we officially present the Tower. And that won't be long now."

The first orders for the youngest member have already been placed, and soon RoboJob will be able to show the new Tower to the general public. "Finally, there are some trade fairs and events on the programme again," says an enthusiastic De Roovere. “Very soon we’ll be able to show this latest innovation to our customers at home and abroad."

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