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All Mazak dealers in Germany choose RoboJob



Steven Craenen

Published on

Dec 1, 2015

To say that RoboJob has experienced strong growth in recent years would be an understatement. This year the Belgian specialist in CNC automation is well on track to break all records in sales and has been given a strong boost by the German Mazak dealers: they have indeed all decided to include the standard products of RoboJob in their portfolio.

At RoboJob they’re working hard to retain the manufacturing industry in Western Europe and to also to make the role of a CNC operator attractive once again. The Belgian company is celebrating its tenth anniversary next year and it is well on the way to putting an extra ring to that anniversary. Thus it was only just known that all dealers of the ‘Yamazaki Mazak’ CNC machine brand in Germany have all decided to include the standard products of RoboJob in their portfolio.

Both companies have already been working closely together from the start. That this cooperation goes beyond national borders can surely be called remarkable. The European market leader in CNC machines, after all, has its origins in Japan, and operates worldwide. So why is this multinational choosing for this small Belgian specialist in CNC automation?

"From our experience it’s not just about the strength of our products," declares co-founder and business manager Helmut De Roovere. “In the meantime it’s now well known that they have the fastest set-up and changeover times and this also can now be used very widely for hugely diverse workpieces. With the Turn-Assist 180 in our portfolio, we also have the most compact automation in the market, and we pay the necessary attention to the most extensive standard functions and the ever increasing opportunities to further optimize all standard products with new modular extensions.”

“However it goes further than that: as a company you eventually enter into a partnership with another company, and thus also with people," says De Roovere. "At RoboJob we enter into a new partnership each time, whether it be with a dealer or a customer. We always strive to enter into a long term relationship wherein we make clear agreements that we therefore have to fulfil. Thus each individual employee at RoboJob knows that we differentiate ourselves on our Service. Fulfilling agreements, exceeding expectations, and above all, never being satisfied with the status quo. We set the bar high, and that is clearly appreciated.”

A look at RoboJob’s website teaches us that all five independent dealers of Mazak in Germany now have RoboJob products in their portfolio:
- Georg Noll in Baden-Wurthenberg
- Mager & Wedemeyer Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH in northern Germany
- MüFra Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH in Rheinland-Pfalz
- Oltrogge & Co. KG in Nordrhein-Westfalen Münsterland
- CNC-Werkzeugmaschinen Lothar Wimmers e.K. in the Düsseldorf region

Expectations are therefore very high at RoboJob: "For us it is not only an honour but also a confirmation of our market value that the Mazak network works closely with us. When the market leader in CNC machines links its name to ours, this testifies to an enormous trust in our company. This obviously didn’t happen overnight and we want to build on that for the future. Our dynamic and young team has a very extensive knowledge of these machines, which allows them to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction,” concludes De Roovere.

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