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These are CNC experts' favourite 3D drawing programs


Boy Auwers

Published on

Jun 7, 2024

Our latest poll on LinkedIn knows its answer. When asked, "What is your favourite 3D drawing programme?" the results are rather unanimous: Solidworks wins with 69% of the votes, followed by Inventor (19%) and Creo with 6%. The remaining 6% choose the "Other software" option.

1. Solidworks (69%)

The most popular 3D drawing programme is Solidworks. The software programme ranks first thanks to its user-friendliness and numerous tutorials, allowing both beginners and advanced users to work with it quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the speed of the programme and its user-friendliness, they quickly get what they want to draw. It is pleasant to work in.

2. Inventor (19%)

The gap is wide with number two, Inventor, which gathered 19% of the votes. Inventor supporters praise this software mainly for its ability to get to work on complex engineering projects, and its simulation capabilities. Inventor does not yet manage to reach the broad masses with their sophisticated software, but is content with the market share of experts.

To get a first impression in 3D, Inventor is a good starter, though. Most people's first experiences have happened in Inventor, but then when they have been introduced to number 1, Inventor is quickly left behind.

3. Creo (6%)

With only 6% of the votes, Creo is not popular with our panel of experts. The tool focuses specifically on advanced product development and precision engineering, making it not an immediately approachable go-to tool. But that doesn't stop the brave 6% from relying on Creo for their 3D designs. In Creo, 3D design is a very complicated way of working compared to the first 2 issues. Whereas in the first 2 you can easily adjust something, in Creo this is sometimes a challenge.

4. Other Software (6%)

Finally, there is the "Other Software" category, which also received 6% of the votes. This category represents a wide range of 3D drawing programmes that are less used in our industry. Examples include Blender, Rhino and SketchUp. These examples are used more in the architecture sectors. Here, freedom of drawing is very important and being able to create organic shapes.


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