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Investing in CNC automation: Now of all times


Detlef Scholz

Published on

May 6, 2024

In difficult economic times, it is common to postpone investments and wait and see. However, it is precisely in such phases that there is often an opportunity to grow in the long term and secure a competitive advantage.

A clear example of this is the very recent investment of the mechanical engineering company KSB in its Palatinate headquarters, being one of its largest investments worldwide.

This clearly shows that now is exactly the right time to invest. Yes, you read that right: now, of all times.

Strengthening customer confidence

Economic growth will continue to be possible in the future and by investing in your CNC automation now, you will be ideally positioned to benefit from this future growth. By investing, you not only improve your image as an innovative and future-oriented company, but also send a strong signal to your customers. You demonstrate that you are prepared to invest in the efficiency and quality of your production processes, which in turn strengthens confidence in your brand.

You need to believe in your company, because if you stop investing, further growth will be difficult. By investing in the future, you show your strength over your competitors and also strengthen customer confidence in your company.

Demand curve

For many mechanical engineering companies, CNC automation is the perfect solution for future-proofing their business. In 2022, we installed 280 robot solutions. The following year, this figure had already risen to 350 installations. Our forecast for this year is over 400 installed robot solutions for CNC machines.

The demand for precision parts continues to grow, even if the current economic situation is difficult. This shows us that CNC automation is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity. The flexibility that automation gives you is here to stay.

Boom time

In the midst of this economic downturn, characterized by high interest rates, low demand, short-time working and the general tendency to postpone investments, it is all the more important to be future-oriented. The second economic phase is already in the starting blocks and will counteract the current weakness. In this context, investing in CNC automation offers a solid opportunity to stand up to the current challenges of the market environment and prepare for future economic growth.

Seize this opportunity and give your company a decisive competitive advantage. Prepare for the boom times. Because clearly, there's more at stake than ever.

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