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CNC-experts prefer this measuring method for their automated manufacturing process (POLL)


Frederik Amerijckx

Published on

Mar 11, 2024

If you ask any CNC expert about their preferred measurement method, chances are high you will hear "in-machine probing." And these experts have good reason to say so. Discover the capabilities of the three best-known measurement methods in this blog.

In-machine probing is the preferred measuring method. This was decided by our panel during our third poll on LinkedIn. In-machine probing or after-measurement in the CNC machine won with 55% of the votes. Second place is for a robot-loaded measuring station (28%), and in last place is the measuring room with 17% of the votes.

1. In-machine probing

It shouldn't be a surprise that in-machine probing received the most votes from our panel of CNC-experts. After all, it is by far the most autonomous measurement method.

The probing can be done directly in the CNC machine 24 hours a day. This means that operators can immediately be informed when an inaccuracy appears in the batch. Isn't it just fascinating how this technology can always be on standby?

Finally, this measurement equipment is affordable, and communication is via both infrared and radio frequency to avoid mixed signals or miscommunication.

You may be wondering what more one could ask from a measurement method, but 28% of our test panel knows the answer to that. Here's what:

2. Robot-loaded measuring station

If you have to make a workpiece a hundred times, you want each one to be within tolerance, regardless of the batch size. You don't want to find out afterwards that the chisel was worn, resulting in a certain cutout suddenly to be only 9mm instead of 11.

Not to mention chips contaminating the machine. Accuracy starts with a clean working environment, and we feel that the respondents to our poll certainly know this.

28% prefer a robot-loaded measuring station. This way, the workpiece can be measured in a clean and acclimatized environment. And let that be the foundation of reliable measurements.

3. Separate measuring room

Only a small part of our respondents (17%) chose the separate measuring room as their preferred measuring method. This third option has undeniable advantages, with hyperaccuracy probably carrying the most weight.

In addition, there is an increasing demand to provide the detailed measurement results along on paper, which is less evident when measuring in a CNC machine. And a measuring chamber built on top of half a meter of rubber to absorb shocks: what CNC expert doesn't dream of that?

But in practice, we see that most machine shops barely have room for a new CNC machine, let alone such a separate measuring chamber. And the price tag isn't minus either.

Lastly, the measuring room is physically far away from your CNC machine, so the CNC process is already over once you start measuring. This leaves no room for optimization during the process. That means you've only got two options: success, or the dustbin.


Our experience shows that you get the best results by choosing a measurement strategy that is a continuous interplay between the CNC process and measurement. Once you find that balance, you won't want to live without it. Good luck with the search!


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