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What does automation mean for my revenue?


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Nov 4, 2022

Higher production output, increased revenue and profit, decrease of labour costs. Discover the many advantages of CNC automation.

Higher production output

Your machines cost a lot of money. The challenge is to fully exploit the capacity of these CNC machines. You may already work in two or even three shifts today, but it will still be very difficult to limit the downtime of your CNC machines.

CNC automation enables you to further increase the output of your production. Your batches - even for small numbers - can be manufactured without an operator. The robot takes care of the loading and unloading of your lathe or milling machine, thus limiting the downtime. You can do so not only during the day, but also at night or during the weekend.

That way you increase the number of spindle hours of your lathe or milling machine, thus better utilizing the capacity of your machine park. By implementing CNC automation, you can therefore manage to produce more at a lower cost. You will not only increase your production output, but also your revenue and profit margins.

Increased revenue and profit

Do you want to increase your profit margins with your CNC machines? Automation allows you to achieve more spindle doors without having to employ additional people. That way you can significantly increase your profit margins.

Thanks to automation, your CNC machine can continue to work without an operator. You can do so during the day, but also at night or during the weekend. That way, you not only take advantage of the capacity of your machine park, but also increase your profit margins.

Indeed, CNC automation produces more components, so you can also invoice more, with less cost. Your automation can be paid back within 6 months, making you more profitable in the short term. The more hours you put your robot to work, the bigger your profit!

Decrease of labour cost

Automation enables you to deploy your operators more efficiently, reducing your labor costs. Do you also experience difficulties finding well-trained CNC operators? Despite employing selection agencies, job advertisements or attractive employment conditions, it remains a challenge to fill CNC operator vacancies. In addition, staff costs may be a significant part of your cost structure.

Thanks to cnc automation, you can make your operators more efficient. The added value of your people lies in their technical knowledge and experience. Allow these people to focus on their main task: programming and preparing the machine. Because of automation, they can spend more time on these creative tasks. Additionally, your people are less stressed in busy periods, and can even handle multiple machines. All this means that you can significantly reduce your labour costs.

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