The manufacturing industry we find ourselves in today looks completely different from what it did 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. It has to be faster, better and cheaper all the time. The only constant seems to be change, plus the challenging search for technically skilled personnel. Have you ever asked yourself if there’s still a future for your business? At RoboJob, we firmly believe in your future and that of our manufacturing industry. But we need to do things differently. By focusing on user-friendly automation, you can meet these challenges. Our solutions can make your company profitable, competitive and flexible again. Moreover, our robots will help to make our industry attractive again for highly skilled technical workers.


Innovation, that's what we do together.

At RoboJob, we originate from the machining industry. We have more than 30 years of practical experience. Innovation however, that's what we do together with you, our customer. Your operators are working with our automation solutions on a daily basis, and are therefore best placed to suggest improvements. In co-creation with our customer, we continue to build new solutions. Our R&D team consists of software engineers and experts in mechanics and electronics. They put your ideas into practice, with the highest quality, user-friendliness and flexibility you can expect.

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Born from the machinig industry

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With a long history as a metal construction company that produced prototypes for various sectors, Aluro (the parent company of RoboJob) started focusing on the aluminium sector in the '90s. With the arrival of Helmut De Roovere, the company was able to access a great deal of robotization knowledge. Together with his former colleague Luc De Ceuster, he focused on developing ground-breaking robot systems for milling and turning machines and, in 2007, this resulted in the foundation of RoboJob. As a subsidiary of the Aluro Group, the company is able to rely on 25 years' experience in the machining industry. In terms of designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining industrial machines, the founders of RoboJob have been international pioneers for over 20 years.

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At RoboJob, we firmly believe in your future and that of our manufacturing industry

Vision & Mission

RoboJob's 3 challenges

The machining industry's Supply Chain has undergone several major changes in recent years. It is our Vision that we have found a solution to address these challenges with easy-to-use, flexible automation. After all, our Turn- and Mill-Assist Series enable you to respond immediately to these changes in the market, and to the fluctuating patterns of your customers' orders.

Restore profitability

By deploying our flexible and low-threshold automation solutions, we want to restore the profitability of our customers. This profitability has been under pressure in recent years, partly due to rising labor costs in our industry. Moreover, with our Turn- and Mill-Assist Series, our customers succeed in making the machining industry profitable again. The serial work is taken over by our robots, and these can be used after working hours or during the weekend. This way, you increase the capacity usage of your CNC machine.

Efficiency & competitiveness

Your CNC operators are best put to work where they can create the most added value: programming a machine, or making complex single pieces. For boring and physical batches, you can now count on your Turn- or Mill-Assist. Our automation solutions take over your operator's physical tasks, creating more time for creative tasks or process improvement. This not only increases the efficiency in the workplace; it also increases your competitive ability in a global market. In addition, peace and quiet will return to your production environment, and your operators will regain their work pleasure.

Technically skilled employees

You may also experience the difficulty of finding motivated and qualified CNC operators. Young graduates often prefer another industry, despite having the right technical education. By deploying new technology, we try to make our industry more appealing and rewarding for our employees, also in your workplace. After all, the boring physical tasks are taken over by our robots, creating time for more creative tasks. Your operator can focus on programming your machines, or on making complex single pieces.

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