Automate large runs and non-stackable pieces

Racks Large

The large-sized solution for hard-to-stack parts, castings or molded pieces.

  • Large runs

  • Rack size: 1 Euro pallet

  • Payload: 70 kg or 165 kg

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Ready for cnc automation?

Do you have large workpieces or runs? Your Racks Large is the ideal solution for hard-to-stack parts such as castings. This automation is equipped with the robot that can lift the filled racks. This robot takes care of the workpiece loading of your lathe or milling machine.

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Racks Large

How it works

These racks are as big as a euro pallet (1.200mm x 800mm). Depending on the chosen robot, your robot can build up to 4 stacks. This is the perfect solution for those large batches! The Racks Large is our strongest model in the Racks category. With this standard automation we also provide you with stackable racks, the size of a complete euro pallet. You can dispose of larger parts or series on these industrial racks. Depending on the weight of your workpieces, you can choose a robot with a heavier payload. Your commercial contact person will be happy to assist you in choosing the right robot. We take into account not only the total weight of the racks and your workpieces, but also the range which is required to reach your machine and to build the desired towers.

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Revolving unit
Shaft Extension

Full Europallet

70 kg
165 kg

Yes, but not in combination with Pallet-Unload

Yes, but not in combination with Pallet-Load

Automation can be complex, but it doesn't have to be.

Racks Large


Full Europallet
  • 01

    Safety wall with light screen

  • 02

    Clamping force control for grippers

  • 03

    Industrial robot

  • 04

    Double gripper, for a rough and a finished piece

  • 05

    Stackable racks

  • 06

    Operating console

  • 07

    Third gripper to grab and move the racks

  • 08

    Robot Support

  • 09

    Custom inlay


RoboJob Racks Large


On this model you can automate your workpieces to a diameter of 390 mm or a length of 280mm.

Fast set-up & changeover times

As a result of our user-friendly interface you can automate your small runs in just a few minutes: the intuitive, graphic software guides you step by step when setting up your assignment.

Or would you rather talk to someone?

Feel free to contact us directly.


Modular extensions for your Racks Large

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