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RoboJob presents 5 innovations for Belgian visitors at MTMS and Mazak




Steven Craenen

Published on

Apr 1, 2015

It’s with great satisfaction that RoboJob looks back on a very busy week. From 25 to 27 March 2015, the Belgian market leader in CNC automation did not only participate at the MTMS tradeshow, but also at the Open House of Mazak. RoboJob presented no less than 5 innovations to the Belgian audience.

Two events in three days’ time. It was quite a job for RoboJob, with a large booth at the MTMS exhibition in Brussels Expo, and with three days of live demonstrations at Mazak. "These were tremendously busy days at both events," co-founder and -CEO Helmut De Roovere looks back, "but we can be very pleased with the result."

Five innovations

"This also proved a challenge in terms of preparation. Two events on the exact same days is something not to be underestimated. On top of that, we had no less than five innovations that we wanted to introduce to our visitors. At MTMS, we presented the pallet option on our Turn-Assist 250, where the finished pieces were unloaded onto a pallet. And that same Turn-Assist was also equipped with the revolving unit for turning pieces, which allows both sides of a turning piece to be finished in one job. We also demonstrated our Shaft Extension on a Turn-Assist 180. This is an extension allowing a Turn-Assist to not only load and unload round pieces, but also shafts. A Mill-Assist Essential was also presented with our revolving unit, but for milling pieces. The principle is the same: with this option, all sides of a milling piece can be finished in one job. And finally, we put our light gray robots in the spotlight. With our now ‘Look & Feel’, we wanted to make clear that not every robot is a RoboJob robot," De Roovere explains. "In fact, our robots have many more standard features, and they are more accurate and more effective.”

Visitors clearly loved the novelties. "This really shows that this company is still continuously developing and improving things," an attentive visitor testifies. "Automation as such is not enough. RoboJob clearly does everything possible to widen the possibilities even further and to increase efficiency even further." The so-called pre- and post-processes fit perfectly in that context. RoboJob now also enables easy programming of the so-called ‘pre- and post-processes' in the Turn-Assist software: with only a few clicks, the operator can determine what exactly the robot must do while it is waiting for a piece to be unloaded: washing a finished piece, punching a serial number or deburring a finished piece.

New European Logistics Centre at Mazak

RoboJob was also present at Mazak, where the Japanese CNC machine manufacturer presented its brand new European Logistics Centre. During three consecutive days, RoboJob organized live demonstrations on a Mazak Integrex i-200 ST, where a Turn-Assist 250 with Shaft Extension was loading shafts which were finished on both sides. In addition, a Mazak Variaxis J-500 / 5x was automated with a Mill-Assist Essential to load and unload milling parts. Here as well, the revolving unit was used to enable finishing of all sides of the milling parts.

On to Indumation

With both events successfully concluded, there’s no time to sit down and relax however. The Indumation tradeshow at Kortrijk Xpo will already take place in just one month’s time. "Indeed, and once again, we have some surprise in store," De Roovere promises. "We have just over one month left to ensure we can surprise the visitor again with some startling innovations. What exactly? You will have to find out for yourself, from 6 to 8 May at Kortrijk Xpo!"

You can also discover the novelties of RoboJob at the Indumation tradeshow at Kortrijk Xpo. RoboJob has its booth in Hall 2, at location A18. Indumation takes place in Kortrijk, from 8 to 10 May 2015. You can visit the RoboJob Booth for product information, technical information and price quotes.

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