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RoboJob looks back at MTMS with satisfaction



Steven Craenen

Published on

Mar 31, 2017

Last week represented RoboJob’s fourth participation at MTMS and the Belgian market leader in CNC automation can look back with satisfaction at the largest Belgian trade fair in the metals sector. RoboJob was able to receive many existing customers on its stand and in addition, many new contacts were made with interested companies.

At this edition of MTMS RoboJob put on a significant display with its Turn-Assist 250 and Mill-Assist Essential: two products that have meanwhile grown to become the standard in CNC automation. But the exhibition stand wasn’t the only platform for RoboJob. Co-founder and business manager Helmut De Roovere also took part in the ‘The Big Machining Debate’. When doing this he was flanked by 6 prominent business leaders, who are all active in machine design and engineering: apart from De Roovere, Kurt Hensen (Averna), Joris Ceyssens (IMA), Luc Clabout (Actemium), Gert Vanvuchelen (IPTE) and Jan De Bussere (Manufacturing ASML) also took part in the debate, wherein the challenges confronting Belgian machine engineers today were zoomed in on: Industry 4.0, Big data, IoT, .. and also the difficult search for new talent.

Like our customers, we too are already looking at these challenges in a very pragmatic and practical way. That means we are not only engaging in co-creation by means of constructing new products and solutions in conjunction with our customers, we also have to be very creative in the way we work to arouse the interests of young engineers and other technical talents in our industry.

De Roovere put in particular the focus on the opportunities arising today in mechanical engineering: by allowing the man on the CNC machine to work in closer collaboration in the design phase of new products, significant process and product improvements can indeed be brought about. And in doing so, the profitability of all producers and customers concerned can also be improved. With regard to Industry 4.0, De Roovere sees plenty of opportunities: by focusing on CNC automation the pressure on the work floor is indeed reduced, while the flexibility and profitability of our customers increase. These are two key objectives in order to remain competitive in a modern Supply Chain.

At RoboJob itself, they are working actively today on career counselling, training and a good balance between home and work, so that engineers and other skilled technical talent can easily find their way to the company. Hence today there are 5 vacancies at RoboJob, and it appears that it’s not an easy job to find the right people for these. That of course is the key to success for the Belgian CNC specialist: by bringing about a good mix of experience and young talent, we’re not only succeeding in offering our customers high quality and services; We’re also additionally offering a pleasant and challenging working environment with focus on the person behind the employee.”

Apart from MTMS, RoboJob spared no expense this week at the RIST Fair in France, Southern Manufacturing in the UK and at an Open House at GLM, a Doosan dealer in Germany. Once again it goes to show that we are capable of taking a lot on, not only with our technical team, which has to deliver all the installations, but also with our commercial people, who received our customers at all these events.

The highlight on the trade fair agenda this year is EMO in Hanover. And there, RoboJob is promising to lay on an extensive display with various innovations.

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